Sir Fred Goodwin urged to give up his Mandelson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dropshortjock, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. I have just watched a news clip where Fred Goodwin was being urged to give up his huge post-RBS pension. The gist was that if Fred had any dignity, humility or was at all in touch with the wishes of the people of this country, that he should refuse to take it as a matter of principle.

    But if anything was guaranteed to make you dig your heels in and refuse point-blank, would it not be by being lectured on principles or morality by Peter Mandelson? :x How many times was he forced to leave Government under a cloud?
  2. Whilst I think the sums of money involved are obscene, why should he give up his pension just so Brown and his cronies can be seen to be against fat cats?

    It was part of his terms and conditions of his employment so tough! MP's pensions are pretty generous and I don't see Brown, as the chancellor who steered us into this mess, or any of his underlings offering to take a pension cut.

    But yeah, I agree I'd rather be lectured on morals by Satan than Mandelson.
  3. I applaud our Prime Minister's appeal to Fred-the-Shred that he give up part of his pension for f#cking up the organisation he ran.

    Perhaps Gordon will do likewise when he's booted out of Parliament.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Surely the whole point of capitalism is to be as greedy and mercenary as possible, gathering as much loot and booty in the shortest possible period of time. And seeing as how the Government was loathe to put any restrictions on the City or Banking industry for fear of costing tax/income revenue (despite knowing the bubble would burst), this is classic 'horse/barn door' tactics from Zanu Liarbour. Just like Broone jumped on the 'Jade Goody media circus bangwagon, here he is going 'no, you must give back this money' when it was all signed, stamped and approved by them months ago.

    Will Mandy be forfeiting his huge pension, second home expenses, 'consultancy fees' and future Post 'Government' (being an unelected political appointee) Charmanship salaries? No. Well why would Moneybags Fred listen to a world these hypocrites are saying?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The bosses of these banks should be banned from running companies just like bankrupted directors of companies where it's been shown they have been incompetent.

    Their fat-cat pensions should also be removed or handed back simply because they behaved like cnuts and cost millions of people their jobs - ie: not just the saps at the banks.

    The bosses of this country should also be fcuked off at the high port - from power that is, and then banned from holding any form of public office for at least 20 years - whether that's as opposition MPs or even drawing a wage from the public purse as bin-men.

    If there is ANY evidence that they have acted in any way fraudulently, or knowing of the crisis that has been brought about by their incompetence, they should be put in jail for fraud and malfeasance in public office.

    They should all consider themselves fcuking lucky that they aren't facing a firing squad the cnuts!
  6. Hearing Handy Many say someone should do the 'honourable thing' was one of the funniest things I've ever heard, almost pissed myself when I saw the slimy barsteward on t.v. lecturing away on morality.

    Speaking of jumping on the bandwagon though did anyone see the one eyed Scottish idiot performance re. the british oscar success, anyone would have thought he had stared in and directed in slum dog millionaire himself!
  7. If Fred was really clever (comments will follow I am sure) he would throw it back at Cyclops and Numb Nuts and say I will give mine up when you give yours up... comrade!
  8. This is an opportunity for Brown and Darling to deflect matters from their own house and really hammer away at someone else knowing they have full public support.

    While I loathe the greedy bloke, Fred Goodwin has broken no laws, his pension was recently sanctioned by the Govt. FFS so this is all based on principle. Funny then how Jacqui Smith has not been made accountable for her finger-pot dipping to our unelected PM & Co. It's all gone very quiet that front. Hypocrites.
  9. Mandelson has just left the EU gravy train where he made sure he got a pay off in the hundreds of thousands and nobody really knows what he actually did over there, so not exactly the best person to be asking for others to take a cut.

    He might also want to be a bit more open about his reasoning behind selling off part of the Post Office, giving a UK owned operation that isn't about profit to overseas companies who are all about profit.
  10. Personally, he arranged for his large pension to be paid at the age of 50 by negotiating it in exchange for not taking over a million in severance pay and not taking the stock options offered. The sort of prudent decision you would expect from a financial high flyer... even a crap one. It was even arranged in full knowledge of the Treasury, so who takes the blame?

    If the only down side for him is beiing branded as greedy and not being offered another job...... well, I'd do the same for £650,000 a year for life, and stuff everyone else.

    The Gobnment, by not keeping tight enough reins on the fat cats and not leading by example take a lot of the blame and should fall on their sword.
  11. Agreed on all counts. The idea of being lectured to by Mandelson on morals is an unfunny joke.
  12. The man from the bank ------- He say ------ funk you, im allright ! :wink: :wink:
  13. From his Villa in Spain! . . . :wink:
  14. It was not long ago that our PM Broon appointed Goodwin as one of the Government advisors.
    How fickle our leaders are.