Sir Edmund Hillary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Interceptor, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Sir Edmund Hillary has died. BBC Report

    RIP, Big Man.
  2. He peaked too soon..................

  3. Did pretty well for an ex bee-keeper.

    Couldn't ask for a better epitaph than that.

    Edited cos of the bloody swear filter
  4. Bugger, why can't some bloody footballer die. It seems to be all the decent chaps these days.
  5. Respect to one of the World's first.

    He is up there with the great's,from the first men to reach both the poles, first to sail single handed round the world, and possibly the first that stepped on the moon. (If the mericans actually went of course?)
  6. It's a sad loss, another great has gone. RIP

  7. I once heard a woman on Radio 4 speaking about a visit she made to her sister who lived in Auckland NZ. Her young daughter went with her but, as the trip was in term time, the girl had some school assignments to complete. The little girl was having trouble with one assignment and asked her mum for help. She had to imagine that she had done something that no one else had ever done and then write about it. This stumped her mum too. Then mum’s sister had an idea - she looked in the ‘phone book, ‘phoned someone up and after a minute or so called the young girl over. Girlie spent about 10 minutes on the ‘phone speaking to Ed Hillary and then started her assignment. Mum asked her sister how she knew Ed Hillary. She said she didn‘t and just ‘phoned him up out of the blue, explained the problem and asked him to speak to the girl. A man of the old school. A man and a half. Just like that other typical kiwi Barry Crump.

    Sir Ed described himself as a bee-keeper but they must have been giant bees as he was a giant of a man - even for a kiwi.
  8. The great the brave the fallen
  9. What an absolute Gentleman and leader. May God rest his soul.
  10. RIP to someone who became well known for a real achievement, just made sure my kids watched the report before they go to school, so they know that it used to take something more than just appearing on a reality TV show to become famous.
  11. I was actually quite surprised this morning when I heard the news. I was gutted.

    I don't like to think of myself as a Grief Whore, but I was genuinely upset at the thought that this man had gone.

    As people have said he was a giant man helped by his little giant, Tenzing Norgay and together they made history.

    I just hope that his good work since the summit will not be forgotten.

    Tenzing and Sir Edmund are having a brew and having a laugh. Legends.

  12. I must admit to similar feelings. I put it down to realising that, the great generation of modest, gentleman, true heroes are finally fading away. The obits in the Torygraph are testiment to that.
  13. A Great Man! One of Life's Adventurous Legends...

    R.I.P. Sir Hillary the Legend...

    And to the recent anti R.I.P. Brigade go do one...
  14. His achievement will guarantee his immortality.