Sir Bernard Lovell OBE FRS



BBC News - Obituary: Jodrell Bank founder Sir Bernard Lovell

Very sorry to hear of the death of Sir Bernard at the ripe old age 98. His contribution to the science of Radio Astronomy was enormous. However, he also one of the legendary pioneers of radar development at TRE during WW2 and developed the H2S bombing and navigation radar that first flew in Lancasters of the Main Force, as well as the V-Bombers.

Nigel Neale gave his fictional creation Professor Quatermass the first name Bernard in honour of him and his pioneering work at Joderel Bank. Sir Bernard's Joderel Bank team managed to track the carrier rocket of Sputnik within days of it being launched, after some hurried calls from both London and Washington.

A true giant of British post war science - RIP.
Always struck me as a decent cove. He must have inspired a lot of kids to study astromony.
Well the school named after him near here seems to have inspired a lot of criminals, ne'erdowells and pikeys...

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