Sir Alan picked the wrong girl!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by radiorental, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. The Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman reveals she took part in orgy with 30 people as she opens up about wild sex club past.

    Saucy Luisa Zissman may not have won this year's The Apprentice, but she definitely knows how to win people's attention.

    The 26-year-old baking entrepreneur revealed that she once slept with men and women at sex clubs across London, including in a 30-strong orgy.

    Speaking about the nightclubs she said: 'If you walk around the party you find people in rooms having sex. Sometimes it's couples, sometimes it's girls, sometimes eight, nine, ten people.'
    Swinger party past revealed: Luisa Zissman admitted she used to attend sex parties in London

    Swinger party past revealed: Luisa Zissman admitted she used to attend sex parties in London

    Luisa, who lost her virginity at 15-years-old, told The Sun on Sunday how she was drawn into the sex party scene after moving from London to Derby following an affair with her married boss, Jay Edmonds.

    Jay, then 36-years-old, lived with Luisa in Derby, and always told her he was visiting his mum or kids at the weekend, but she found out through his PA that he was still married.

    She moved to London and said: 'A friend who was into threesomes with her partner told me about them and said I should sign up to a club called Killing Kittens.'

    Killing Kittens only allows couples and girls to enter, and everyone is 'gorgeous,' wearing masks but fully-clothed.

    The cupcake business owner, who is now based in St Albans, Herts, with her shop Dixie's Cupcakery argued it was about women feeling empowered and sexually liberated rather than being a seedy club.

    The reality TV star also admitted in The Sun on Sunday that Apprentice winner Leah Totton was her type, and isn't fussy about what kind of man she sleeps with but that the women have to be blonde, skinny with large chests.


    Take THAT, Lord Sugar! The Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman already has 16 investors on board for her baking business
    Still a winner in his eyes! Luisa Zissman is consoled by estranged husband after losing out in The Apprentice final to Leah Totton

    Luisa also revealed in the paper the clubs were up-market soirées full of footballers, actors and politicians, and even once saw a British actor turned away at the door for being single.

    The businesswoman admitted to having sex in a hot tub in public, and was attracted to more women than men during that point in her life.

    She stopped shortly before her daughter Dixie was born three years ago, but she still brought along her ex-husband Oli, 36, who she broke up with a year ago.

    'When we first met it was like, "I do this, do you fancy it?" He was like, "Wow, I've just met my dream girl,"' said Luisa.

    Oli, who is still Luisa's business partner revealed in the Sunday Mirror: 'Everyone has sexual fantasies. Most of the time they are not fulfilled and the swinging scene allows people to fulfil those fantasies under their own guidelines within control.

    'It is not about love and people who don't go don't understand that. It's just about fantasy and sex.'

    She has already secured investment of £50,000 for new business venture Baker's Toolkit despite not winning Lord Sugar's £250,000 jackpot.

    Oli also told the Sunday Mirror that Louise doesn't care about the damage his revelations could do to her businesses and she is set on being the 'sexy Mary Berry.'

    Louisa Zissman reveals her wild past at sex clubs | Mail Online

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  2. We've had this thread before
  3. .
    Did he really? Perhaps old Sugar knew this all along.
  4. article-2372280-1AD641D4000005DC-819_642x522.jpg

    Debatable! Her on the right looks filthy.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Oh I wondered where I'd seen her before! I just didn't recognize her from that angle.
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  6. And she was wearing a mask ......
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  7. Just another attention deficient individual who's parents must be so fucking proud of her.
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  8. Sounds like he picked the right girl.
  9. S10 ?
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  10. I would have picked both of them. Dirty lovely girls.
  11. I would've booted them early, they've got 'harrassment allegation' and 'industrial tribunal' written all over them. Just like the last bloody looney he hired from that show.
    Fcuking attention seeking slags.
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  12. Homo.

    Christ, it would almost be worth being a big enough cunt-in-general to become a multi-millionaire, so as to have that pair in your bed.
  13. There is a form of screening / vetting for the programme candidates. You can bet your ass somebody knew and may or may not have communicated the matter to the CoC involved.

    Ratings, love them or no, they make a few people a lot of money.
  14. She probably helped to clear off their morgage with those few 'working' weeks on the programme with enough left over to clear her own and the payments outstanding on the beemer sports.
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  15. Mental, attention seeking, media hungry birds who know they're fit and are prepared to climb the greasy pole by doing anything and everything.
    Good idea until things start to turn sour for them and the allegations come out and the media circus goes into overdrive.

    I wouldn't go near them with a stolen cock.