SIP , SAP and War Pension

Ok just wondering if anyone can help.

I have now been medically discharged. I have received a letter confirming my SIP and have now received a letter from the war pensions agency. War pension has deemed my injuries attributable to the army and have been given a disability rating of 30%.

What i want to know is what happens now. Do i get a SIP a SAP and a war pension? or do i get the SIP until they have decided on my SAP + the war pension. If i get the SIP until the SAP is decided do i get both lump sums?

I hope this makes sense to someone because it doesnt to me!!!

Anyone at all?

I need to know this too as Mrs Tubby is in the same boat, being generally fucked about and no-one is telling us anything!
Telephone the Veterans Agency Freeline 0800 169 22 77 and ask to be put through to the Current Invaliding Section.

Lifted from the veterans Agency web site.

You could also try SSAFA

then let us know!
Ok i have been on the phone to AFPAA and the War Pension Agency. If your med discharged you get the SIP no matter what, then if you get awarded a war pension and they find your problems are attributable to the army then they pass these details on to the AFPAA. The AFPAA then look at the information and they decide if the army is to blame or not. If they are then your SIP changes to a SAP and you get another lump sum and a bigger pension and you continue to get a war pension on top and all becomes tax free.

As i get more letters or info i will post and let you now how they do it all and please if you have any info then let us know


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