SIP and Discharge under 9.385

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me with some authority whether or not a discharge under QR 9.385 is a medical discharge?

The reason I ask is that I have received a letter from OH Med Discharge cell stating that I "Will be medically discharged IAW QR 9.385".

Some people on this forum say that it is an admin discharge "on medical grounds" but my letter does not mention admin discharge at all.

Will I be entitled to a SIP (13yrs sevice)? Under AFPS 1975 it states that if you meet the "Ill health condition" then you will.

So why are people saying that I may not get a pension?

Confused and now worried ..........
QR 9.385: Ceasing to Fulfil Army Medical Requirements, that is Medically Unfit under Existing Standards.
a. The competent military authority to authorize termination is the Director General Army Personnel Centre or in the case of a soldier who has not completed Phase 1 training, the commanding officer.
b. The Armed Forces Act 2006 Statutory Instruments governs this authority.
c. This paragraph applies to a soldier whose medical category falls below entry standards for a recruit or employment standards for a trained soldier appropriate to his corps, employment and length of service, but is nevertheless not so low as to render him unfit for any form of Army service.
d. A soldier graded as in sub-para c is not to be terminated if further employment for which he is medically acceptable can be found for him in his corps. If this is not possible and he is medically acceptable and recommended for transfer to another corps, the case is to be referred by the commanding officer of the unit in which he is serving to the APC.
e. If other employment in his own corps is not possible, and if transfer to another corps is not authorized, the soldier is to be terminated under this paragraph. If a soldier is unwilling to accept other employment within his own corps, or to be transferred to another corps which has expressed its preparedness to take him, then he is to be terminated under para 9.414 and not under this paragraph.
f. AF B204 procedure as laid down in the pamphlet Medical Documentation in the Army Medical Services 1995 (Army Code No 61416), paras 0526 - 0528 is to be concluded prior to submission of applications for termination on AF B130.
Yeah I went through the PAP 10 process, offered to transfer as part of that process but no suitable employment was found.

As far as I am aware, AF B204 is not extant. It was under PAP 07, now PAP 10 refers only to medical discharge.

Its the pension part I'm not undaerstanding, I know that I am getting discharged as I am considered unfit for employment.
sorry, not an expert. I just happened to have QRs open on the computer when i read your post!

try posting in the Pay & Claims bit, might get a better response

good luck!

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