Sioux (Bell 47)

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sierra_Hotel, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here know anything about the Bell 47/Sioux please? Flying club is looking at setting up a syndicate for one next year, and CFI is uncertain on engine type concerining the turbocharged version (3B??). Post here or PM if you could help us, or if you would like to join the syndicate next year...

  2. Check yer PMs SH. ;)
  3. When i read that you'd answered, why was i not surprised???? Have you designed a simulator for it then ya geek?!?!? :D

  4. As it happens. Yes.

    Its a divers helmet with a couple of yogurt cartons with string dangling inside them glued to it.

    Next question? :)
  5. Memory says it was the Bell model 47G that the Brit army operated as The Sioux.
    The G indicated a turbocharger, the pupose of which was to keep the power at altitude, not to inrease output at sea level.
    As with most helis the powertrain was the limmiting factor on the max power output of the engine.
    A simple aircraft for one to learn their trade on, both aircrew and groundcrew.
  6. And that's why Erus_miscovius or whatever his name may be managed to fly it so well. :twisted: Methinks my return to work may be met with some form of power failure as a revenge 8O :x

  7. That'll be the least of your worries, lofty. ;)
  8. Ya reckon???? You pub fit yet???
  9. More than you shitlips. Remind the viewers what time you left the bar last time?

    "I'm going home now. I dont like the taste of beer. The fizzy stuff gets up my nose"

    Aw diddums. Man up or phone the padre........

    :D :D
  10. I did a lob from 4000ft from one in 1970's. RAF/Army pilots didn't want to know but got an Aussie pilot on attachment to do the business. He said later that it nearly did a sideways 360 as I bailed off the skid. 8)