Sioux AH1 door guns

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tropper66, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Glock just posted a link in the Vietnam thread wicg shows a Australian AAC Sioux armed with a door gun, but not a girly 7.62 GPMG as we tried out in Northern Ireland but a F**k off 40mm grenade launcher, so thanks Glock as the only other photos of an armed Sioux were from the film " You Only Live Twice"

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  2. Didn't you invent Vietnam Tropper?
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    No he did not - only the war there :twisted:
  4. Not Many cold nights in Veitnam, so Bullet Magnet (Tropper) should be safe.
  5. Arrse - everybody knows that Skeeter was a Blue Steel platform.
  6. I've heard it called a few things but never a "girly" 7.62 GPMG.
  7. If you are Tropper then anything less than two fully automatic hip fired Rarden is distinctly homosexual.
  8. And up the mountains.
  9. I thank Glock for his research

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  10. Well as another old fart I can say 100% that when I was on 8 Flt/666 Sqn AAC we definitely had at one time a 'Tripod' mount for the Sioux.
    More I think it would have been 1970 or 71 when we received this mount a 'Professionally' Made item.
    To the best of my knowledge we where the only UK Flt/Sqn equipped with MG mounts, as unit had returned from Aden in 67, where they had been in 'Daily' use.
    The mount was trialed down on Tregantle ranges, Plymouth by what would have been 666 Sqn by then.

  11. Thanks mate, the 17/21st Lancer AirSqn had one in Omagh and we tried it out at Magilligan in 1970 it had a empty case/link catchment bin under the gun with some crappy gray plastic trunking to prevent damage to tail rotor
  12. Just back in from my morning swim.
    70 sounds right, as 8 Flt we went to N.I. in August 69 and I think 1st Oct became 666 Sqn AAC.
    We where at Bellykelly and I remember your mob down at Aldergrove, Your OC Cpt The Honorable Algy ? got a Medal MBE ? or similar in New Years Honours list.
    Middle Wallop made, aluminum tubes, with two legs onto cross tube and the third going Fwd to front of Skid and as you say a Links/Empty case bin underneath joined by a large diameter gray plastic corrugated tube.
    Memory says the GMPG had to be modified by an Armourer, the bottom Links ejection cover had to be removed.
    The old ex Aden hands had always done this them selves, but There was an EMER which said Armourer.
    Elth & Safety at work back then !
  13. It was ReggY not Algy he is one of my friends on Facebook my four Sioux troop took over from you in Ballykelly you left behind a very large Welsh airtech with a Polish name,I got there on the 23rd April just back from El Adam, stayed in BK untill 7th June then moved to Omagh
  14. I hear there was a fire in a house near you yesterday

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