Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crabby, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Currently suffering quite badly with this. The right side of my face has swollen, my right eye is mostly closed. I'm taking profen and cocodamol every 4 hours, including during the night. I'm steaming myself over hot water every few hours.

    I'm still in agony. Any suggestions? Anyone know a magic fix?
  2. Yes - Sinutab - the ONLY thing that works. I have had really bad attacks in the past and this really is the only thing that makes any difference. If they have no effect after a couple of days then go to your doctor - as it may be that you will need antibiotics. I am sitting here with my face screwed up as I can still remember the pain of an infection a couple of years ago. Get well soon!
  3. Insert a Turkey Baster up your nose and suck it all out
  4. Not far from where I live, behind a branch of Homebase, is a small building that houses a group of men and women with mysterious magical powers. They never actually give you anything, save for a small sheet of amazing paper, and never take anything from you, save for a few words. If I can remember the name of the shop, I'll post it on here.
  5. Oh, yes. The shop is called "The Surgery" and the magical people are all "Doctors". I knew it would come to me.
  6. Crabstick, menthol (or in your case mental) crystals in the hot water help. If it's that bad, you will need to go and get your head x-rayed (but we knew that anyway).

    I first got sinusitis about 10 years ago, the doc just kept ploughing me with drugs and stuff. I went for an x-ray and it showed there was that much infection that if they had left it any longer it might have turned into meningitis. Needless to say - because it was Germany - I was in hospital within about 3 weeks having the stuff scraped out. Not a very enjoyable experience - I almost died - and it only worked for about a year. It didn't help that we lived in a "dust bowl" in Gutersloh. I had to keep getting my nose "hoovered" for about 6 months afterwards.

    I had them done about 2 years ago again, and it still comes back now and again but not to the extent that it did. Get yourself allergy tested as well. If you suffer from hay fever then you've shat it. :cry:
  7. Following 'flu', my daughter was ill for over 2 months, with alternating and simultaneous chest infestions and sinus infections. She had head pains, face pains and numbness and a "smell" like ammonia or "rotting".

    In addition to the remedies you are using, she required antibiotics.
    She started with Erithromycin, then was given Amoxicillin, then Ciprofloxacin, then Clarithromycin.

    One of the doctors at the "Out of Hours GP Service", Frimley Park told her to use the steam inhalations 4 times a day and, even when she couldn't feel fitter, to continue to use them twice a day for a few days to flush out the sinuses.

    EDIT: And she had a blood test fairly early into her treatment.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I went to a clinic on Sunday as I was in so much pain. They just told me to take paracetamol and combat smarties and if it doesn't clear after a week it's probably bacterial rather than viral. Well, it got worse, but trying to get an appointment at my doctor's is like asking a stranger for £10k, they look at you like "what the fcuk?" and then tell you to try next week... Anyway, I'm going in tomorrow morning and am going to try and get anti-biotics and any painkillers they'll throw my way.

    Oh and no problems with hayfever and such. It's the first time that this has happened. I thought most of my sinuses had cleared - as there was bucket loads of brown/green/white snot pouring out today with the steaming.
  9. Crabby - either go, or ask someone to go to a pharmacy for you tonight and get Sinutab...take two every four hours...and yes, go to the doctors.
  10. Forgive me for being glib. I just couldn't resist it. I have had sinus problems before and I know it's not pleasant.

    In all fairness, the chemicals that a doctor will prescribe you may relieve the symptoms but are unlikely to resolve the underlying problem. I had a nagging suspicion that cranial osteopathy might be useful so I googled it: clicky. In fact, an awful lot of cranial osteopaths will treat the condition. Give it a go.
  11. Somebody has lied to you! sounds more like a dental abcess or orbital celulitis - go to A and E that is if your happy your eye and would rather keep it in your head and not in a jar!
  12. What makes you say that? The fact that a lot of the pain and swelling is in my forehead as well as behind my eye would indicate sinusitis - which is what the clinic said. What backs up your other two suggestions?
  13. Rubbish. All Crabby needs is a shaving mirror, Mrs Crabby's eyebrow tweezers, a field dressing to block his gushing nostrils and a very small pair of scissors.

    Instructional video (fun starts at 3:15)

    Alternatively, if the problem is fungal, you might need a vacuum cleaner

    ... and half a pound of mushrooms too please
  14. Didn't watch the first one. Watched about a minute of this:

    ..... and felt quite nauseous. (And I have a strong stomach.)