Sinner's Tramps, Thieves and other Low-life Scum Getting Collared Thread

Is Mothman a stupid honky cuñt?

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Deleted as thread ruined by toilets squabbling
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All have these have appeared in the self taken Photo thread in the past and I removed them as Friends of she who can not be named kept ringing work everytime I posted a pic of a drunk, druggie, tramp, shoplifter or fatty.
It got tedious for my manager to keep taking these calls. So they were removed......

well I don't work there now so.....

^^^Shoplifter with a liking for chocolate by the shelf load

Drunk ******** called Bjorn

^^^^Drunk and failed amatuer boxer "Snowy" an Aussie who always claims to be an Abbo....... its the tan ccomplexion gives it away


Not homeless, just begs

Shoplifter refusing to move

Above: Not the fastest getaway

^^^ Stands in shop opens booze and necks it as fast as possible

Pissed fell down

Helping the smelly cunt Home

Very refreshed^^
Very good, it's a fact though that in this day and age the normal people have to twinkle-toe around the likes of the smackheeds and chronic alkies. I fucking despise them.

Amazing disguise, guaranteed not to draw attention to yourself when wanted...... two hats, two jackets......

Minus the Amazing disguise shoplifting.....

^Sharing the workload

EDL racist nutjob

Load of shoplifters
Out of all the people you've lifted, what percentage do you reckon were addicts?
70%ish not just drugs, but booze and a surprising number of gambling addicts. Legal Highs has been a factor for a while now leading to some big fights from 7 stone loons.
Aye, I see it on a daily basis mon to fri.Seems to be an increasing thing as well.
Where is this fine neighbourhood so I can fucking avoid it?


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warrington...says it all.


How do you stay sane having to put up with them dregs of society every day ?. I bet you spend a serious amount of time in the shower at the end of your shift.