Sinner ladies

Bloody hell they look like some of the women i see wandering around my local town centre on a saturday night (only with slightly more tattoo's and clutching a kebab as its easier to eat and waddle with one of them)

I once saw two fat birds get into a taxi outside a nightclub to get to the chippie 100yards away!!!! (thats not a lie either about 4 of my mates saw it too)
Jail those fcuking nutters. Child abuse, profiteering, irresponsible. Chav mums after a bit of attention. No doubt they were not popular at school, married some crack-head, got duffed up, dropped some kids into the system, got ugglier and now their legacy on life is selling junk food through a school fence to kids. Top stuff.

Headmaster, please run a 2million volt load carrying cable from the nearest electricity compound to your school fence. Then you can add 'Microwaved Fat Mum' onto the menu for the morning.....
It's a disgrace.

I reckon they should kick the kids out of school - the parents have already made the choice that they want their kids to be fat and stupid so why waste money on them?

The quality of school meals in schools now is a huge leap ahead infront of what they used to be (I remember (just) my 1980s school meals which were truely vomit worthy at times), they're cheap and reasonably good for you.

I think it's telling that all those women passing junk food through the bars (see real photo) are fat, ugly mingers who only got pregnant cos of CSA and someone who was told fat burds are more grateful.
Also, they are stepping on trading laws. No licence, no H&S/hygiene qualifications etc. No doubt they are breaking dozens of laws and could be nicked for this. WAMFs all of them.
fishfingers said:
i did notice it after i had posted, sorry :oops: :wink: :oops: :wink:


Imshi-Yallah said:
An outstanding argument for the return of summary execution.
........or the introduction of 'drowning at birth'.

They should have their cards marked at the local NHS so when they tip up with clogged arteries or high blood pressure/bad knees/back or aby other weight or cardio problem..........they get directed to the canteen.

It was embarrasing to wacth these people on TV. It truly was. I'll bet they all do tabs as well.
I saw a photo in the Daily Mail today of these heffers pushing junk through the school fence like sneaking a file into a prison. What annoyed me most was the fact they were stood in a graveyard! The slags had no doubt walked oved closely marked graves to profiteer from this. Utterly disgusting people. I bet they stink.

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