Sinn Hain, TCH and Freebies for Traitors

Here's an interesting snippet cropping up this morning, It appears Mr Hoon (remember him?) and that paragon of liberal virtue, Peter Hain, are cooking up a plot to allow a vote on whether to grant Sinn Fein a 'special allowance' at Westminster. Basiaclly they don't get paid at present (they have not taken up their seats and will not swear a vote of allegiance). But this little scam not only pays them - but is backdated FFS!

Democracy in action, or just another attempt by this pathetic administration to cosy up to criminals who merit a top two listing in the 'Worst Britons over the Last 1000 years)?

Here's the link:
Positive thinking in politics.
You not only have to lose the battle but must also do everything to convince any doubters that you lost. Savilla will lead to apologies to the civvies. Warrenpoint troops will get back-dated parking tickets and TCH will get knighted for services to Armed Forces.
Not surprised by this, however it is appalling, even by the schovckingly low standards of Bliar and co.
This gobment of cnuts makes me want to hurl. This is just the latest item in their policy of appeasing/bribing the IRA.
The sooner we get rid of them, the better!
:x I hate these cønts! Hope my transfer to the Aussies goes alright! It wouldn't be so bad, but Joe public is so apathetic that they'll only vote the twåts out if they ban Big Brother!! Right, my piss is boiling over, got to go! :x
Maybe if Sinn Fein paid taxes on their income, mainly from drugs and blackmail,OK,´till then we should charge Hoon and Hain with supporting a Terrorist movement.

No wonder the voters are apathetic,they´re shellshocked from so much stupidity and blatant insensitivity to their wishes that they´ve given up even thinking about taking action.As one attempt to enslave us fails,the next one comes like a never ending bombardment of Cruise missiles,they´ll just keep firing till one hits the target.

Calling the French `Surrender Monkeys`is a insult,especially when our own so-called Government is infested with`Appeasement Imbeciles`!
No matter where that cnut is, he manages to cause trouble. Can't say I'm surprised.