Sinn Fein suspend members

Well thats very big of Gerry Adams to suspend seven members of his 'political' party on the eve of his party conference. The suspension follows a number of names being passed to Adams from the family of a murdered Belfast man, who claim PIRA were responsible.

Does Adams honestly believe that we, the British public are taken in by his claims that:

a. He has nothing to do with the PIRA

b. He has no idea who was responsible for the murder.

Anybody with any ounce of common sense will no that the scum responsible for the murder will be well known in the Republican sources.

That weasel McLaughlin was on BBC news this morning saying that the names will be passed to the NI Police Ombudsman. when asked why they wouldn't be passed to the police direct, he replied that there is still a feeling of distrust of the police. The news reporter classically asked how he expected Sinn Fein to be trusted when they had a private army behing them. Brilliant.

They reply was the old favourite of PIRA and Sinn Fein are not the same organisation etc etc. He then went on to blame the British Government for not fully implementing the Good Friday Agreement blah blah blah.

What about disarming Mitchell? Wasn't that part of the deal?

Se link below for article on the suspensions

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