Sinn Fein statement on McCartney killings (parody!)

Saw this on U75. At least on of the soapdodgers realises what scum the boyos are! :D

That Sinn Fein Statement following the suicide of British secret-agent Robert McCartney in full:

1. Well, we asked the boys we're fairly certain stabbed this fellah to death to go and turn themselves in to the PSNI, so we did!

2. But we made clear that we couldn't guarrantee that the 70 or witnesses, plus their families, would be safe from IRA retaliation if they came forward with evidence, so we did!

3. Therefore, everybody can see that we tried our best, we've done all we possibly can, and that Sinn Fein and the IRA have been completely exonerated, so we have!

4. The matter is now closed and anybody who mentions or questions the case again is a traitor and British spy who will be severely dealth with like Robert was, so they will!

5. There is no room for criminality in the Republican Movement and it will not be tolerated, so it won't!

''Up the RA!''
This post evidently went down like a wet fart in a spacesuit 8O :D


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Very true!

Him and his besser martin

I saw them last week in my local and they were mouthing of that scot squaddies were all poofs and to stop looking at their pints...

Well deserved elbow to the nose. :D

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