Sinn Fein scum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Setanta, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. SINN Fein are set to disrupt the Royal Irish homecoming parade with a counter demonstration on the same day.
    It emerged last night that the party has lodged an application with the Parades Commission to hold their own march on November 2, as members of the armed forces parade through Belfast for the first time since World War Two.

    The news came just hours after Royal Irish soldiers paraded as heroes through an English town.


    Mystery, however, surrounded the official reason for the Sinn Fein march application as party spokesmen were unable to comment on why the parade was taking place.

    It proposes to start and finish in Belfast city centre around the same time as the homecoming parade.


    Last night, a spokesman for the Parades Commission said both parades – the Sinn Fein parade, a late application, and the homecoming parade – will go up for consideration next week.

    He added that the Parades Commission would also be seeking clarification on the reason for the Sinn Fein parade.

    Crowds expected

    In its application Sinn Fein said it expected 500 people to attend.

    However, last night the DUP said it would be seeking an urgent meeting with the Parades Commission to establish the reason for their parade.

    Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, who attended yesterday's service of thanksgiving, said he was "very sad to hear of Sinn Fein's plans".

    He said: "Today the Royal Irish got such an amazing reception from every corner of Shropshire, from every age and from every political party. It would really be very sad if it became a political football in Northern Ireland.

    "Today, quite by chance, most of the soldiers I met were from the south of Ireland. They found the disagreement in Northern Ireland completely incomprehensible."


    According to the Parades Commission website, the Headquarters Northern Ireland MOD for Joint Services and TA in Northern Ireland have applied for a homecoming parade on November 2 in Belfast city centre.

    The parade of 280 participants, with one band, and 280 supporters is proposed to start at 12.45pm from College Square East.

    Organisers have asked for the parade to process to Howard Street, Donegall Square West, Donegall Square North, Chichester Street, Crown Courts Plaza and Oxford Street.

    The end time of the outward route is proposed to be 1.10pm.


    Meanwhile, the start time of the controversial Sinn Fein parade is proposed for noon from Bank Square to Chapel Lane, Castle Street, Castle Junction and Donegall Place. The end proposed time of the outward route is 1.05pm.

    The Parades Commission website says that the expected number of participants is 500.

    Condemning the Sinn Fein proposals, DUP MLA Nelson McCausland said: "The Sinn Fein protest parade is simply a squalid attempt to disrupt the day and to intimidate those who want to come out to see the 'welcome home' parade.

    "Thousands of people will be out on to the streets of Belfast that day to welcome home the local men and women who have served so bravely in Afghanistan and Iraq in the ranks of Her Majesty's Forces.

    "The DUP will be meeting the Parades Commission to discuss the Sinn Fein protest parade, which is deliberately provocative and offensive.

    "Those who spent decades trying to kill British soldiers do not even want to allow them to walk the streets of our capital city."
  2. A damn sight more people than that turned out to welcome the Regiment in Shrewsbury yesterday (and in Market Drayton a couple of days earlier).

    F*ck Sinn Fein - still a bunch of cn*ts...


  3. There's me thinking all was fine back home. I was going to my brothers wedding next month and applied to attend in uniform as I thought it was getting like the mainland, security wise. How feckin naive I was. With nobbers like this still in the country, it'll be years before it gets back to normal.
  4. Owen Paterson said:

    "Today, quite by chance, most of the soldiers I met were from the south of Ireland."

    My bold.

    A Freudian slip?
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I believe there has been a marked increase in recruits from the south

    Will the TA soldiers want to attend for Persec issues?
  6. Sad to say it, but it never will.
  7. sinn fein = dirty rebel loving filth

  8. They havent gone away you know..............they just go through the gates of stormont with their entourage that you and i pay for in taxes .

    With todays news about loyalist weapons cache as well it seems like things havent changed much at all.
  9. Fuck them, I'll be there, and so will my son (who's now in the TA).

    Faugh a ballagh! (whatever that means.)
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    At the end of July I was going up Station Road outside Carrick & the was a funeral with 2 of the pallbearers wearing Number two's. (REME or Sigs I think)
  11. :twisted: Might go to the Shit fein parade .....

    with a few supplies
    1- milk crate
    2- 20x milk bottles
    3- quantity of flammable liquid (petrol has dropped in price ,coincidence i think not)
    4- rags
    5- sugar

    it would be fun seeing those ******* run as THEY get petrol bombed :twisted:

    Brave men from north and south fighting terry and those scum are stirring the shit again ....maggots! not fit to lick their boots. :x
  12. I'll take great delight in attending, be it in my suit with reggie tie, or in my big blue babygro and gunbelt. Either way I'll be there. Be interesting to see how the parades commission deal with this one. Also if the parades commission make a ruling against the shinners, will they appeal/turn up regardless after spending years berating the orange for doing just that? Watch this space. As an aside - Spike - funeral today of a very well respected and decent man took place in the middle of Rathcoole estate. Regimental flag and beret on the coffin and piper in kilt and full rig leading. Fitting turnout for the man.
  13. Bank Square is behind Tescos on Royal Avenue, it's a dingy wee back street for F**K sake why are they starting there?!?

    Anyway I don't think it'll cause any real disruption to the proper parade!!

    Has the route and a date been confirmed yet? I'd like to attend :D
  14. Must have been different circumstances to get permission for that one..alas with my request, it's slightly different. Not wanting to mention them here for obvious reasons, both my brother and I are gutted that it can't happen. I just guess that my beautiful homeland will always be tarred with this mess for many years to come :(