Sinn Fein SCUM

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wonk_Mog, May 8, 2011.

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  1. FFS, we can't have a politician speaking the truth! And in public, too - what was he thinking?!
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  2. So you don't consider them to be a valued contributor to the peace process? People ideals never die, but flexibility and a want to change are admirable qualities.
    Werewolf you have no business in this thread, nor to be fair, this site.

    As I've said before, why is it considered a media moment and a form of progression when you a see a Brit patrol sat chowing down with blokes that a year before had been wiring up the roads with life changing fireworks in Afghanistan?
    No room for vendettas in this peace process, in fact, some of the usual faces have a level decorum far greater than yourselves.
  3. To be fair, if you restricted membership of this site to those who have earned the right to be here, the membership list would be lucky to make it into three figures.
  4. Are Sinn Fein making valid contributions to the peace process and politics in general for NI?

    How many other parties have a terrorist para-military organisation as a not so hidden stick to leave in the corner of the room during chats?

    It isn't like the Tory Party can counter it with the Young Conservatives is it?

    I only hope we can keep the peace process and current political state drawn out for long enough so that the likes of those who HAVE raised arms against innocents can die and pop off to hell. Once we can get rid of the next generation after them, then NI may have a fair chance to move forward.
  5. In fact some of there leadership produced more intel for HMG to speed up said process.
  6. Good feckin drills all the same. Thats the way to secure his seat in the future.
  7. true doesn't really help matters though.

    Paisly wasn't above playing similar games blokes in combats waving shotgun licences I seem to recall.

  8. Nope, I don't. Sinn Fein are the reason there is a need for a peace process in the first place. Why do the DUP and Sinn Fein really get along so great these days? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the large salaries they're pocketing up at the house on the hill. That and they're in love with being in power.

    They don't give a shit about their electorate - my hometown is pretty much dying with no jobs and no services. What are they doing about it? Securing investment for the already wealthy well invested in town 20miles up the road.

    Sinn fein are not blameless in this incident waving around their foreign flag. Flags should have been banned altogether from the count.

    Tom Elliot did nothing that the DUP and Paisleyites didn't do for years, was quite correct in everything he said and the DUP are in fact hypocrites for running him down over his comments. I work nearby to where this incident happened.

    Had I known I would have gone over and shook Mr Elliots hand.
  9. Yeah, 'cos the 'Ra just spontaneously up and decided it needed to get busy in 1969, right? Let's look for a second at what the Reverend Doctor Ian Kyle Paisley and Major (retired) Ronnie Bunting were up to in the late 60s, shall we?

    I've said it before and I know it's not a popular thing around here, but for the 'Ra and its various hangers-on to keep as busy as they did for as long as they did under some pretty intense pressure from the British State and assorted bluenose Huns suggests either that they're supermen (which we know they're not) or that they had some very legitimate grievances. Sure, we could have suppressed them militarily, but does anyone really think that was a viable option, politically - or that it wouldn't have guaranteed a resurgence, twice as nasty next time?

    We've ended up with the least worst solution. Folk like Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Gerry Kelly - all men of undoubted character and ability, if no friends of ours - are now engaged in putting that character and ability to work for the common good. That can't be a bad thing.
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  10. for him to call sinn fein SCUM is to call a large part of the population who voted for them SCUM, the second largest party in northern ireland i might add
  11. Many Unionist politicians need to wake up and smell the expensive eu de cologne that the shinners are wearing these days. The public face of shin fein is very slick whilst unionists look like a fish wives outing bitch bitch bitch between themselves mostly. The shinners are going to take NI by stelth and their best weapon is the disarray in the unionist ranks. Elloitt had some valid points but came over as a right nob to me. Shinners know how to play the voting game in NI. It's not that hard to understand either. Unionists would have a lot more seats if they played the game and as Boozey illuded to money seems to be spent in some odd places in NI. Incidentally SF are exploiting the same fractured political parties in the south with the same slick tight lipped stance. They have tasted power and like it.
  12. Don't fret, we've got barely served and fantasists like Boozy and Werewolf to give us the vested opinion on all things terrorist. Again Werewolf, I repeat, you contribute **** all to the debate, if anyone wanted an Internet version of Matthew Wright you'd be the first to get the job
    Boozy? Your sparse musings on unemployment in your local area that you have blamed on Sinn Fein is ******* pathetic and indicative of someone who shuns reality for the stamping feet of the uninformed.
  13. They are scum then...... Terrorist supporting scum. Just like the membership of Sinn Fein are scum.

    But he made an absolute ******** out of himself. The sooner we get 1 Unionist party in NI, the better.
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  14. Also, werewolf and Boozy, please explain the right and wrong of us attending the handful of local Shuras I've sat in with people who readily admitted to redecorating Brit soldiers with crude IED's a year before? You ******* pair of sandal wearing liberal big shots.