Sinn Fein president meets Hamas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. I've noticed before how sh1t sticks to shyt.
  2. Do you think the Israeli Airforce might accidently drop a missile on his hotel!!!
  3. Well, I suppose he has to keep in touch with his former business partners.
  4. "former"?
  5. Why won't the Israelis meet with him then? Just because he's visited the official, elected Palestinian gobment? Isn't that a bit childish?

    It's like that maungy gobshite Thatcher demanding that his voice was dubbed on the telly.

  6. We can only hope, come on Yidishers do us proud.
  7. Pinch me!
  8. Adams thinks that he is some sort of international statesman, a bit like McGuinness in Sri Lanka last month (just before the fighting really got intense again). Gerry is aware that to remain relevant, particularly to the White House and scurity council he will have to be seen to do 'things', especially if it involves sharing the enlightened Sinn Fein way of acheiving conflict resolution....

    Realistically all of this is for internal consumption in the Republic, especially as there is a general election due there and Gerry will be keen to advertise his 'statesman' credentials.
  9. You're not wrong, its arguable that his deluded belief that he is some sort of international statesman is one of the reasons why he supports the peace process. If PIRA went back to war, he'd be a nobody.
  10. Adams has ideas above his station. However terrorists do tend to feel safer together. :lol:

    Mossad get cracking and nail the pair of them soon. Plus the lickspittle McGuinness 8) 8)

  11. Strangely after all the vitriol pured on Israel in the last few weeks we're now rooting for them on here.

    Remember the old saying, 'my enemy's enemy is my friend'.
  12. Well perhaps they still have mutual interests. Training and influencing international terrorism for one.
  13. We can't nail McGuiness - he's our best source of intel within Sinn Fein!
  14. How cheering it msut have been to meet up with old friends again. If he is there to teach conflict resolution I suspect Hammas will not give and inch and wait for Israel to make all the concessions....I don't really think Sinn Fein have given up very much - except the odd rusty gat.