Sinn Fein pledge a referendum on a United Ireland!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by British_And_Proud, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Sinn Fein is seeking a referendum on Irish unity in its assembly manifesto.
    The party is also proposing a referendum on a new all-Ireland constitution, and wants people in Northern Ireland to be allowed to vote in Irish presidential elections.
    It calls for tax-varying and borrowing powers to be transferred to Stormont, and cross-border tax harmonisation.
    Martin McGuinness said "much has changed" in the four years following the restoration of devolution in 2007.
    "The locally elected executive, assembly and all-Ireland bodies are working for the benefit of people across this island," he said.
    Mr McGuinness added: "As a society we cannot allow those within and those outside the political process attempt to drag us back. They cannot and will not be allowed to succeed. Those days are gone and will not return.
    "While we all retain our differences, we can all be proud of the role we have played in promoting the peace process, by stabilising these institutions and demonstrating the primacy of politics."
    Pledges in the Sinn Fein manifesto include:
    • Increasing economic and fiscal powers away from London to Stormont;
    • Implementing the Review of Public Administration to deliver £400m in savings, including the reduction of councils from 26 to 11;
    • Blocking the introduction of separate household water charges;
    • Opposing any increases in student fees;
    • Introducing a phone mast levy to generate £160m over four years;
    • Delivering Bill of Rights;
    • Promoting the Irish language act, and implementing all-Ireland strategy to create new Gaeltacht areas, particularly in urban centres;
    • Bringing in all-Ireland public health system which provides free care at point of delivery;
    • Reinstating 50-50 Catholic/Protestant recruitment policy to the PSNI;
    • Establish all-Ireland job creation plan.
  2. Where do I sign? I'll be voting yes and getting rid of the lot of you.
  3. Are you a resident of Northern Ireland?
  4. No. But it's (sadly) British right? So just as the Scots and Welsh get to vote on English issues, why can't we return the compliment to the dominions and have our say on the future of Ulster?

    Edited to add, I think I've spent enough bloody time there to have earned a vote on this one...
  5. Does any other party favour a referendum?
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    We do?

    It's Scots and Welsh MPs you're on about there rather than the rest of us.
  7. Because the British government decided that it was for the citizens of Northern Ireland to take their own future in their own hands.

    Thus its only NI citizens who can vote in any referendum.

    And yes it is still British, for the forseeable future.

    I think theres actually a reference in the Belfast Agreement were it says you can take your vote and shove it up your hole.
  8. Point one. Proud of the role in promoting peace? By being a murdering cnut? It was the British Army that proved terrorism doesn't work, not terrorist cnuts in the ira and uff... or the cnuts of labour. The everyday( non murdering cnuts) people of Ulster also helped.

    Point two. If terrorist fcukers like our marty and gezzer hadn't been so keen on killing Catholic RUC officers, or at the very least intimidating them out of the service, they wouldn't need b0llocks legislation like that.

    None too long ago 'Come home to a real fire, join the RUC' was daubed on Catholic walls'.

    Given the antics of some scroats in recent weeks it would appear marty needs to take control of the internal security unit, get some new 'nutters' in and start doing some diy and rompering.
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  9. Too be sure, too be sure!
  10. The SDLP favour a United Ireland by referendum but won't call for it. Alliance party are nuetral so would support it as they are non Orange/non Green.

    And possibly the DUP as they are so far up Sinn Feins ass its not possible to know were they stand on the union anymore.
  11. I know. I was just being wishful.
  12. let them have their referendum if it passes away you go if it does'nt shut up and getting on with dragging the place into the 20th centuary.
    ffs nobody in england cares if your protestant or catholic most of them could'nt tell you the diffrence or care.
  13. In the same way that the good people over here
    should be able to vote on immigration to GB. No pakis, no indigos, no blax, no poles, no afghans, no arabs, no turx, infact anybody who was not born in the UK.
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well that means thousands of pad brats looking for a new home! I wouldn't mind being 'repatriated' to Singapore!
  15. I doubt this referendum would cure anything... orange sashes and bowlers would still march, and the rest would mutter about potatoe famines or something.