Sinn Fein not IRA!?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BaggyInBlack, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Just been watching Sky News and Martin McGuinnes said he is not IRA, IRA Council or had anything to do with them.

    What a load of fcuking sh1te. The cnut has been with them all along, even jailed for IRA membership in the 70's :evil:

    Will try and find link to story when it comes up on the site, unless someone else can find it.

    In the mean time, read this sh1te as well from the other mouth piece, Adams.
  2. It wouldnt surprise me if everyone in Sinn Fein was IRA in some form or another. I would rather have them involved in the political process rather than having bombs going off again. I think only the extremists think they can force unification.
  3. Well, no less a person than the Irish Justice Minister has named Adams, McGuinness and Martin Ferris, the Kerry TD, as members of the Army Council. Theoretically, this means that they can all be arrested for membership of an illegal organisation on the unsupported word of a Superintendent of An Garda Siochana,

    Interesting how hard-line the 26 Counties can get once it's their own State under threat, isn't it? Remember, it was de Valera who executed them in the 30s....
  4. Someone is missing from this thread........
  5. Sorry PTP, I was on the can. I would doubt that anyone who called himself the Chief Negotiator for Sinn Fein wouldn't have some sort of "form", if only to give him credibility among the Boys..
  6. Where's Gerry Kelly? I don't follow the Provo form book these days, but isn't he the COS?
  7. According to Liam Clarke in the Sunday Times, the Chief of Staff is Thomas "Slab" Murphy. According to open source, the Army Council is at least:


    Two more names needed, wouldn't want to speculate. Look in Belfast and South Armagh for likely suspects, at a guess - and again based on open source,
  9. Mitchel Mc Loughlin aka the Draught Dodger.
  10. Ten years ago I would never have imagined that 'those fellas the name of which I can not spell'/IRA would be where they are now.

    I often wonder if B Lair and his cronies hadn't taken the reins when they did would 'those fellas the name of which I can not spell' be the political force they are perceived to be.

    Would Thatcher have shaken Gerry Adam's hand?

    Edited cause as Biscuits pointed out I can not spell the name of that Political Group!! :lol:
  11. Sein Finn?...........are they some break away faction from Scandanavia?

  12. :lol: Im soooooooo not able to bloody spell that today!!

    I think Sein Finn might be just that biccies!! :oops:

    I might be safer just referring to Sinn Fein as 'those fellas' or not bloody mentioning them ever again!!
  13. That's because you are stupid.
  14. Hey I was born in N.I, Im blonde and female, god was not kind to me.
  15. We know. You don't have to show off about it.