Sinn Fein/IRA show their hand!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eye_spy, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. So it is now apparently clear why the IRA are so set on holding on to their weapons. It is nothing to do with appearing to have surrendered to the Brits, or to do with political bargaining for Sinn Fein. It is all about the need to continue the intimidation of their own Republican Communities. They currently claim to represent the normal working class people of the nationalist areas, but in fact they are holding them all to ransom with the threat of arms and violence, so they can hold on to power. The couragous actions of the McCartney sisters has shown Sinn Fein for what they truely are, IRA in suits. Because of the high profile publicity surrounding the incident, the intimidation of the family is not working. Whilst Sinn Fein are publically stating support for the sisters, inside they are probably seething at the fact that they are being humiliated so much by 'one of their own'.

    so far no witnesses have come forward to the murder of their brother, despite the fact that there was approx 70 other persons in the bar at the time. It just goes to show that the intimidation of their own population continues, all down to the fear factor associated with the weapons held by the IRA. Without those weapons, Sinn Fein/IRA would no longer wield so much power over the nationalist areas. It will be interesting to see how they fair in the upcoming general election.
  2. At the same time, it is hilarious seeing Adams, McGuinness et al squirming in their own discomfort for once!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. All I say is good on the sisters, let them continue their cause and bring discomfort to those cowards
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think it was wrong of Bush not to meet Adams at the White House.

    When GA turns up, all smiles, Bush could have had him frogmarched to the rear of the building, placed against a wall and shot - all captured on the small screen by CNN. message to SF/IRA delivered!

  5. I live in Belfast myself, and it said in the local news a few nights ago that there was supposedly 2 Sinn Fein members in the pub that night..
  6. There was eggy.

    2 SF potential councillors, neither of whom saw anything, and made statements to that effect to their solicitors, NOT the Police ombudsman as requested by their own party.

    70 people in the khazi? . Mmmmmmmm how cosy. - Jarvis

  7. I think the term "Moral Imbeciles" comes to mind.
  8. Yes, there were two women in the bar who are standing for SF in the comming elections. Neither of them would go to the police or even the police ombudsman, but made a short statement to their own lawyers. All the statement said was that they didn't see anything.

    I think that anyone so blatantly uncooprative with the forces of law and order should not be allowed to stand for a seat in parlament. More to the point, if they are telling the truth, which I doubt, how can you even contemplate electing someone with their finger so far from the pulse?

    Let them have their free Ireland. They can fcuk off to the South. As long as they let the people who want their free Northern Ireland to get on with their lives.
  9. Let them have their free Ireland. They can fcuk off to the South. As long as they let the people who want their free Northern Ireland to get on with their lives.

    hey, what the fcuk did we do to deserve them, we don't want them either.

    also it is in the papers today that the sisters are recieving threatening letters and intimidation, now that is pure cowardice.
  10. Are you surprised by this type of behaviour :?

    From a bunch of cowards hiding behind the threats of violence and intimidation :?

    Surprised it took them this long to start the intimidation process
  11. Don't rejoice too much. There will be a day of reckoning for what the McCartneys have done. Not this week, not next month but it will be there. Being republican, catholic and female has not been a shield in past instances.
  12. Sisters are shaken by death letter

    McCartney family threatened as murder inquiry hits 'wall of silence'

    THE sisters of Robert McCartney have been sent hate mail threatening them with the same fate as their brother who was stabbed to death by republicans.

    The sisters discovered the threatening letter among others sending them good wishes in their campaign to bring the killers to justice.

    Claire McCartney (27) opened the letter after returning from the US where the sisters had given President George Bush a dossier on the murder.

    In childish scrawl, the badly spelt single-page letter said the sisters should be knifed and that Robert deserved to be in hell. Chillingly, it also contained a photograph of the sisters.

    They were left badly shaken and "totally disgusted" by its contents. A family spokesperson said: "It was quite disturbing. Chilling, in fact. It said that Robert had deserved to die and that they hoped he rotted in hell."

    Police are investigating. A spokeswoman said the letter has been taken for forensic examination.

    The letter came on the 50th day of the campaign for justice by the sisters and Robert's partner, Bridgeen Hagans.

    No-one has yet been charged with the murder of Mr McCartney who was stabbed and beaten to death on January 30 after a row in Magennis's bar in Belfast's city centre.

    Just four statements from people who were in the pub have been handed to the Police Ombudsman.

    The sisters say the inquiry has hit a "wall of silence". They believe the level of non-cooperation proves republicans never genuinely wanted to aid their quest for justice.

    The bar was packed with drinking IRA men and Sinn Fein members when the violence spilled outside.

    But so far only three Sinn Fein representatives and a fourth, unidentified, witness have provided accounts on the brawl which have been passed from their solicitors to the ombudsman.

    Party election candidates Cora Groogan and Deirdre Hargey, along with former Belfast councillor Sean Hayes, have given statements.

    All three are understood to say they saw no fighting in the bar, and sources say they have added little evidential value to the police investigation.

    But the sisters were astonished by Ms Groogan's version, claiming she has not supplied vital information.

    They claimed a taxi driver who took her to another bar in the city heard her describe events in Magennis's over the phone.

    So far 11 people have been questioned about the murder which has plunged a republican movement into its biggest crisis.

    Louise McCall and Sam Smyth

    sorry my password is automatic and have not got a clue what it is.
  13. heres some more uptake from the irish media,

    Saying nothing means no one will ever be convicted

    THE promises of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to the McCartney family now seem as hollow as the cheque in the post from a recidivist bankrupt.

    Sinn Fein-IRA's pledges to help bring the killers of Robert McCartney to justice bought them time but brought no comfort to the bereaved.

    Not one of the three IRA men expelled or the seven Sinn Fein members suspended from the organisation has made a statement to the Police Ombudsman.

    To date, just four statements have been received from the 70 people who were in Magennis's bar on January 30, the IRA night of the long knives.

    One is from a former Sinn Fein Councillor, Sean Hayes, two from Sinn Fein candidates Cora Groogan and Deirdre Hargey, and the fourth from an unidentified witness.

    The statements given to the Police Ombudsman by lawyers representing the three Sinn Feiners were particularly unhelpful.

    Sources say they could have been dictated by the Three Moneys - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

    Cora Groogan, who hopes to represent Sinn Fein on the city council after the elections in May, made a statement that ran to three clipped sentences.

    "I got to the bar about 10pm that Sunday. I was there for a short while. There was a commotion in the bar but I witnessed nothing and left shortly after 11pm."

    However, the intrepid McCartney sisters say a taxi driver who drove Cora Groogan to another bar in Belfast after the murder heard her describe the events in Magennis's.

    Deirdre Hargey, the other Sinn Fein candidate in Magennis's bar on January 30 when Robert McCartney was murdered, saw nothing, either.

    So far, the PSNI has questioned 11 people who were in Magennis's when Robert McCartney was killed and each has refused to say anything.

    It's been business as usual for the three IRA men expelled after the killing - arbitrating on disputes and dispensing street justice in the Short Strand enclave, according to the McCartney sisters.

    It does seem astonishing that the IRA offered to shoot the suspects but that it doesn't have the powers of persuasion to ensure that they make truthful statements.

    Without witnesses to identify the killers - around a dozen men, according to the McCartney family - the chances of a successful prosecution are bleak. And the follow-up cleaning of the bar by a squad of Sinn-IRA left Magennis's as clean as an operating theatre, thereby removing any forensic evidence.

    Graffiti in the Short Strand area told the story in the war of words between Republicans and the McCartney family. "Whatever You Say, Say Nothing" appeared to be Sinn Fein's message and it is reflected in the statements made to the PSNI. The "PIRA" of "PIRA Scum" has been blotted out and then repainted and then painted over again, reflecting the conflict of loyalties in the area.

    Yesterday there was grim speculation that the murder in Magennis's could, over time, end up in the same legal dead-end as the Omagh bombing.

    Everyone who matters, including the police, knows who planned and carried out both atrocities.

    But, as more time passes, no one will ever be convicted for the crimes.