Sinn Fein, Good ole boyos.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheLordFlasheart, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. I dont suppose Adams or McGuiness will be supplying their names and the info they have on the murder to the garda or RUC? :roll:

  2. I wonder if Adams will take accountability for all of the "Horrific incidents" he has caused.

    You can tell when Adams is lying..........HIS FCUKING LIPS MOVE.
  3. Murderers selling their mates (more murderers) down the river to save their own skins. How edifying.
  4. You never know, it may stop the intimidation and the paramilitaries......did I really say that and believe it :roll:
  5. Apparently he has authorised his lawyer (what sort of bloke must he be!) to pass the names to the police ombundsman NI. They have direct investigatory powers independent (!) of PSNI.
  6. I wont hold my breath.

  7. As tragic and unfortunate an affair this undoubtedly is, some good may come of it. Sinn Fein may finally become accountable to the people it purports to represent. Which would be a massive and most welcome change!

    It may also be the beginning of the end of the beatings and intimidation IRA has been conducting since the ceasefire came about. And that would be the death knell of that criminal organisation. Which would also be nice.

    You heard here on ARRSE first!
  8. more chance of me being a good soldier.
  9. SF refuse to recognise the PSNI, they manage to get rid of the RUC GC and aren't happy with the replacement designed around them. c.unts.
  10. I think it's all starting to unravel for SF. Firstly denying any involvement in the Northern Bank robbery, later to find some members directly involved in laundering said money. Secondly this.

    It's about time the people stood up to the murdering b4stards! Good on Robert McCartney's family for standing up to them!
  11. Will our Gerry now get what other "Touts" got ? a vent in the back of the head and dummped in a water filled ditch :twisted:
  12. I dont think they had much choice but to name and shame the culprits as the family seem to have known who was involved and it would only be a matter of time before the IDs leaked out.

    Good on them for standing up to the scum
  13. It is a basic point of principle of any terrorist organisation to refuse to cooperate with any branch of the government to which they are opposed. I doubt if a S/African-style Peace & Reconsiliation initiative would get anything from them. In one of the earlier reports, it mentioned that the bloke who killed was a known IRA gunman and that he was supported by two IRA bodyguards. Shame that PSNI apparently does not have the cojones to work on that.
  14. For TaffYorkie.
    For Chri*t's sake, please change your bloody avatar. With that cnut appearing, you'll not have many readers.