Sinn Fein claim nearly £1million from taxpayers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. No wonder they are so keen on the peace process.
  2. Its laughable that they claim to want independence from the crown yet can't even self fund.

    Payment of expenses should be made only to MPs swearing oaths to the crown, after all its her government.

    Why can't the rules be changed? They move the goalposts whenever it suits
  3. Why should they self fund? We are mug enough to give them huge wedges of cash.
    They don't need to make an effort, they seem to have managed to jump on the gravy train quite succesfully
  4. I don't blame them if we are stupid enough, but for an outfit so against British rule and all things British, the cheap slags are happy to take the money.

    I'd think more of them if they said 'Poke yer money we've got our own, drawn from our members'

    Sinn Fein when it suits them
  5. I suppose they really ought to go to Westminster.
    They would fit right in.
  6. Gents for years I have said that bribery is the way to go.
    Pay them off, far cheaper then keeping 20K troops on the ground (if we had them) and the cost in troops lives and broken bodies makes Bribery the sensible option.
  7. Sadly, it's true. Pay them off; cheaper than the lives of our soldiers, and it cheapens the politics of the Irish republicans in Northern Ireland. Look at how vehemently McGuinness defends his position, which includes the enormous salaries he receives - not merely a Westminster MP he; Stormont too. Think of the expenses!

    Sad again; the prospect of a happy union with the South is so much further away with scum like him and the rest of his ilk at the top of the pile in Stormont. I watched in near-disbelief at the cretinism of a couple of Stormont MLAs on the telly today (had to turn over just to keep my hair from falling out at the sheer dullness of one of them) and have to shake my head to clear it when I consider the vicious stupidity of the past fifty years.

    I'm a Conservative Unionist, but can't help but like the South and the Southerners, and can't help but think that we should join up; whether within the Commonwealth or not, I don't care. There's no good reason for the two countries to be so far apart, so why not get closer? Pitiably, sick shits like McGuinness, the 'real' and 'continuity' republicans et al have prevented it and will do so for far too long.
  8. Disloyal to the Crown, Loyal to the Half-crown! (Dates me)
  9. Almost 100 years ago Sir James Craig, one of the founders of Northern Ireland, was keen on the concept of two friendly states working together in a confederated union, for the good af all the inhabitants of Ireland; a "United States of Ireland" if you like. There were many other unionists of like mind.
    That his idea did not materialise was not his fault nor was it that of the majority of the people of Ulster at the time. The hostility they received at their refusal to accept dominance instead of equal status by others and the attempted denial by southern and Westminster politicos of their right to be considered in future plans ensured the result we are living with today.
    And if anybody does say that the Irish Republic / Eire /Irish Free State did give equal status to all I would ask why the Protestants population of that State went from 20% at its inception to around 5/6% (less?) now, while Roman Catholics thrive in Northern Ireland.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    All part of the Danegeld.
  11. Many reasons for the decline of Prods in the South including murder and intimidation mainly during the 1920s.

    You seem to forget the titled Brits who still have land and estates in the South without bother from anyone.

    As for Catholics thriving in the North, by 1969 the Protestant State of Northern Ireland operated a system of anti Catholic aparthide quite similar to the South African system, job adverts were for Protestant or Catholic and the Electoral system was rigged in favour of Unionism. If Direct Rule and associated reforms and agreements had not taken place Northern Ireland would probably be subject to ~UN Sanctions to-day.
  12. That's Crap Western. Nothing remotely like South Africa and it's an insult to all those people who died to suggest such a thing. There was never anything in the running of NI in the years before 1969 to justify the orgy of killing and destruction. Friendship and good neighbourliness from the Irish Republic in the beginning would probably has ensured a United Ireland long ago.
    I, a Prod, lived in a predominantly RC area of NI. My Catholic neighbours were doing just as well as I and my Prod neighbours were doing. Those RC's willing to work got jobs just as Prods unwilling to work did not get jobs. On the other hand my relatives in the Irish Republic struggled all their life against some very subtle bigotry.
    As an example of how the system was played I was asked in 1964 to forge a receipt to enable a larger claim for government funding for equipment my company had supplied to a Catholic school. When I said I could not do this as it would be wrong the response was, "It's all right, it's Government money". I was so flabbergasted I failed to point out it was taxpayer's money!
    The person who suggested this was the Principal and Mother Superior of the Convent Grammar School.
    I never forgot that!
  13. From their viewpoint, I would guess it is a very pragmatic strategy - and yes, it does date you. :wink:
  14. You really need to read some good history books the Protestant state was engineered to discriminate against Catholics. Why do you think recent legislation has demanded equal employment rights? Newspapers used to advertise for 'Protestant wanted'. Catholics simply did not have the same chances. As for elections are you familiar with the term Gerrymandering?

    As for the fraud I don't disbelieve you, it is common over there as it is in parts of Great Britain[/quote]