Sinn Fein claim a half million - and never turn up!


Just when you think it cannot get any worse:

"The Telegraph also reports that five Sinn Fein MPs claimed nearly £500,000 in second home allowances over five years, despite not taking up their seats in Parliament.

It claimed that the expenses were for amounts above market rental values.

A Sinn Fein spokesman denied any wrongdoing and said that the accommodation was used whenever members travelled to London, as they frequently did."

..and the Telegraph (warning, pictures of these faces may trigger violent reactions).
On the other hand: Fair one! These bastards never really claimed they had the best interest of crown subjects in mind, did they?
Its the ones that did that should worry the tax-payer/voter.
Having said this - classical case of insult to injury...
As distatful as it is, its probably necessay.
As much as I would like to see them all hanging from a lampost they are a necessary evil.
If we are ever to have a peaceful Ulster then we have little choice but to appease these people. They will never be anything more than scum but by the realtive peace we have now eventually it will come right.
Not due to these men but due to their grandchildren, with a little luck future generations won't face quite the same violence and hatred that has been apparent in recent history. If that means accepting these men taking the money to keep relative peace then however distastful it is probably an acceptable price. One day these people will be dead and buried, hopefully the next generations can live alongside each other in a peacable manner.
Besides, I would rather pay them to stay away from Parliament than pay them to be in it.
Most of these B*'s have spent a lifetime claiming from the taxpayer , even at the height of their terrorist activities. They are unlikely to become honest now.
A new slant on the phrase "state sponsored terrorism"?
jagman said:
As distatful as it is, its probably necessay.
You're probably right, but it still feels wrong. Almost like volunteering our lunch money to the school bully, in the hope that he will stop hurting us and eventually go away.
Typical eh!!???

Story of my life TBH. I joined the British Army FFS!!!.....

If only I'd listened to my Irish family...

"C'est la vie" as they say in Sligo.

Catch yersel on FFS! - itsa joke!!!

Story of my life TBH. I joined...


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£500,000 over 5 years claimed by 5 MPs is £20,000 a year each. Compared to most other MP's that's pretty frugal. Although these scum don't take up their seats in the House I understand that they are quite conscientious in their parliamentary duties.

They have been democratically elected by their constituents and are doing what those constituents want - that's democracy. The worst system except all the others.
The other point is that they as a Party have had this information in the public domain as part of their annual accounts so it isn't as if they have been hiding anything.

I think they are correct in saying that if anyone had a problem with this, the matter could have been raised years ago. As it hasn't, well, why should they be targeted as no-one, the press, the Commons or anyone else has had a problem with it up until now? At least they have been open and honest about it unlike every other party.......

It is right to look at how second home expenses are done in the round but I don't think it is right to put SF on a particular pedestal and throw bricks at them (even though I'd love to be able to do so legitimately).
I agree with the sentiments expressed so far. They were open about it, comparatively frugal (!) and we all knew when they were elected that they would milk the system for all it was worth!

As it happens, they are starting to look more like honest politicians than the rest of the bunch.

Gerry Adams for PM, anyone? Of course, under the new rules, the Chief Whip would have a 9mm to help him, cough, enforce the rules.


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