Sinn Féin mayor and councillor attends conference glorifying Palestinian ally of the Nazis

Is Sinn Féin the next extreme left wing organisation to be mired in anti semitism, or was this done to try and support their old friend Corbyn and try and take the heat out of Labours anti semitism crisis ?

COGAT tweeted a picture of Mr MacDonncha sitting on the podium in front of a large banner featuring a picture of Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Al-Husseini was a notorious anti-Semite who held meetings with Hitler in 1941 and SS head Heinrich Himmler in 1943. He also made propaganda broadcasts in Arabic on behalf of the Nazis and helped recruit Bosnian Muslims for a special division of the SS.

In 1943, while the Holocaust was taking place, he said:
“It is the duty of Muhammadans in general and Arabs in particular to … drive all Jews from Arab and Muhammadan countries….Germany is also struggling against the common foe who oppressed Arabs and Muhammadans in their different countries.

“It has very clearly recognised the Jews for what they are and resolved to find a definitive solution [endgültige Lösung] for the Jewish danger that will eliminate the scourge that Jews represent in the world…”
Why are you surprised? The IRA supported and acted on behalf of the Nazis. Scum supports scum. In the event of them winning their version of a United Ireland, do you think minorities would have been safe?
I've often wondered about the proliferation of palestinian flags in certain parts of Northern Ireland. I made the assumption that those flying the flag were expressing solidarity, and more likely, equivalence with those in the 'occupied' territories. I've never thought of folks in NI as being particularly anti Semitic but maybe the Palestinian flag is some sort of response to the 6 pointed star on the NI flag.

You have to wonder about the mental processes on the mayor's part that led the the conclusion; ' yes It would be a good idea for me to attend a conference glorifying a man so closely associated with Natioal Socialism'.

In the photo the mayor appears to be wearing his chain of office. Would that imply that his attendance was official and approved by the Dublin authorities, and perhaps even funded by them?
Is there a left-winger anywhere on the planet that wouldn't crawl stark naked across broken glass to poke a finger in Israel's eye?
The usual stuff:
1. Israel & western support for Israel are treated by a lot of idiots as a comfortable scapegoat for Muslim terrorism. See point 2.
2. Israelis are seen as white westerners (whilst the Palestinians are seen as brown easterners), which makes the Israelis a comfortable target for westerners over-sensitive to racism (except for the racism of infantilising & denying agency of non-whites).
3. The fallacy of believing the underdog is always morally superior - the Palestinians being seen as the underdog (though to a large extent they have only themselves to blame for their predicament & they are also part of categories - i.e., Arabs & Muslims - that are much, much larger than Israel).
4. Old-fashioned anti-semitism.

5. The history of institutionalised anti-semitism in the Catholic church, which may exacerbate the prevalence of that prejudice in some quarters.
6. An alleged similarity between Palestinians in relation to Israel & Norn Irish (republicans) in relation to the UK.
7. Sinn Fein are d*ckheads.
8. Sinn Fein holds positions normally associated with lunatic fringes of right & left. See point 7.

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Why are you surprised? The IRA supported and acted on behalf of the Nazis. Scum supports scum. In the event of them winning their version of a United Ireland, do you think minorities would have been safe?
Sean Russel was their point of contact. Heres a statue of the creep in Dublin


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Think its photo shopped. But I do recall the old nazi losing his head on a fairly regular basis. Theres hope for the country yet..;)
That was him, apparently the regular head removal and replacement was a source of great embarrassment and financial distress to the local Shinners.

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