Discussion in 'DIY' started by annie1969, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. The sink in the new house is driving me bonkers. It sounds like some sort of stone, when it's wet it's black and shiny with a hint of glitter. When it's dry it's dull and dirty looking, it looks like someone has washed gloss brushes in it and theres patches of white soaked into it. I've cleaned it with all the usual kitchen cleaners but still only looks good when it's wet. Does anyone know what the sink is made of and what might clean it. Thanks for any replies
  2. No, and no.
  3. granite next!
  4. Don't think it's Granite as it's got no shine unless it's wet

  5. Insert own gag.
  6. Clearly your sink has the gay.

    Seriously however, does it look like a coating or is it perhaps something within the stone?

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  7. Hmm could be slate then, that drys powdery and streaky, the flecks could be iron pyrites
  8. Your husband or son is pissing in it. Get a stainless steel one.
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  9. You do that too eh?
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  10. Just keep it wet?
  11. you better get it sorted or the Mods will pull the plug....
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  12. That's what she said....
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  13. That sounds like granite. Granite is only shiny when it's highly polished - and no, you're not capable of highly polishing it.

    When dry, it'll be a grey colour. It may have been shiny once - until some clot took a scourer to it.

    You may be able to wax it - test on an inconspicuous part first. Google "granite wax".
  14. Happy to oblige! Now spread 'em.
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  15. It looks a bit coated, but I've only had stainless steel sinks before that you can clean with anything