Sink or swim time for UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Conservative Party conference: it's sink or swim for Britain, warns David Cameron - Telegraph

    I have read in a few places now that Europe has to move away from the massive social welfare model. In short Europe needs to become competitive against the rest of the world.

    I certainly get the feeling that Britain needs to become competitive - a lot of benefits are given out to people and there is a huge social safety net system in place as well; all of things we can not afford.

    MODS - Int Cell or Finance threads?
  2. Does that mean we won't have to pay National Insurance?
  3. So what happens to the people currently on benefits then? And more to the point, what stops them going out and taking what they want if their benefits are chopped?

    You may remember a bit of a dust-up last year when scrotes realised that if enough of them break the law at the same time, there's **** all the police can do about it.
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  4. More to the point, if we look to the nations that have manufacturing and service economies but don't have social security built into them the common factor is that people don't spend anything they don't absolutely need to because they're too petrified of losing work or falling ill. That makes their economies massively dependent on external markets and extremely vulnerable to overseas competition and currency fluctuations.

    Simply put, a market needs customers and doesn't care where their money comes from.
  5. In asnswer to PFs post, the money for a lavish welfare system is simply not there, a basic system maybe. It is therefore not a question of if the system will stop or change dramatically, merely when. There are therefore going to be a lot of unhappy people, who might well get violent. What happens then? Our dearly beloved Lords and Masters should have thought of that one a long time ago, the evidence would indicate that they haven't. see the following for details: POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  6. Well, all well and good slashing welfare, but who's making up the losses to the economy in spending?

    People on welfare are by and large not discretionary spenders, they spend the lot in the local economy.

    It's no good telling Mr Patel as he boards up his corner shop its for the good of the economy.
  7. Successful ventures thrive and grow, others fail and go under. The human cost of failure is unfortunate, but short of subsidising every failing business in the UK at the expense of the more successful there's not much that can be done about it.
  8. People currently on benefits will have to manage on less. We can't afford the type of redistributive socialism that allows people to live far beyond their means.

    Dishing out mansions in Westminster, free Mercedes cars, free Sky TV and unlimited child benefit to the worthy while homeless men and women freeze to death on the streets demonstrates just how broken our welfare system is. The redistribution needs to be redistributed.

    Regarding the scrotes, I note the total absence of any "uprisings" this summer. I think the lack of extreme shopping is largely due to the hefty jail sentences handed down to all concerned. Four years for sending a text message - you won't get many people trying that again.

    In addition, the riots were a wake up call for the Met. They're legally obliged to pay for damage caused during a riot. Next time police on the front line ask to deploy baton rounds I don't think the commissioner will be worrying about diversity impact statements. I hear the Met are in the market for a couple of water cannon too.
  9. Typical weak governance, blame the governed for the problems!
  10. Welllll....since enough of the governed voted for the last bunch of f**kwits who ran up an £163 BILLION overspend trying to bribe the governed enough to keep them in power at least 3 times.........

    Who can you blame ? The f**kwit New Labour morons who thought they could keep spending the next 5 decades worth of tax revenue or the f**kwits who kept believing them ?
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  11. Not so, Mr Patels shop is the only one open on the shithole estate. He goes under not through some economic failing on his part.
    Now the estate has no shops and further social decay sets in. Who pays the extra costs incured?
  12. This all sounds very good but is baseless and quite frankly, wrong.

    How does cutting benefits enhance competitiveness?
    Competitiveness comes from innovation, infrastructure, a well educated work force, and cost effectiveness.

    You don't become more competitive by punishing unlucky and/or poor people for being unlucky and/or poor, letting parts of the country fall into extreme poverty isn't going to save the economy.
    Besides, corporations don't pay the benefits bill, so it would have no effect on them anyway. Before you say lower taxation I would like to remind you that the UK already has a very low corporation tax rate.

    It's not about strong welfare vs no welfare, it's about proper management.

    Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, and the one without which the EU and the Euro would've gone tits up by now, is a welfare state. Get your head around that, eh?
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Alternatively, the estate-dwellers forgo Jermy Kyle and the pizza drop, take one of the many jobs created in the UK during the last decade but largely filled by more motivated immigrants, and begin the long and drawn out process of building a better life for them and their families. This scenario doesn't help Mr Patel because, at this point, Sainsbury's and Tesco rock up to crush him, but socially it is more useful than perpetuating an expensive breeding programme for unmotivated morons wallowing around in a benefits money pit.
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  14. I think what you say is absolute crap !!!.You and people like you woulld be the first to want if it came home to you .Yes i agree there are lots who are fiddling benefits and should be stopped BUT there are plenty incuding ex srving men and women who need the countries help .Yes and a lot more besides.People who are dying and been told to work that cant be right .We have (had )the finest health service in the world which countries lik the usa a extremely jelous of shame it is been systameticaly been destroyed by these prats

  15. But the estate dwellers are not the fiscal problem with welfare spending…

    here is the real Geriatric elephant in the corner of the economy room…