Sinister secrets of the dustbin Nazis

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Perhaps they thought it read better than

    British dustbins in EU shock horror probe scandal.

    After Labour's mauling in the local elections, Gordon Brown announced that the hated plans for pay-as-you-throw rubbish taxes would be scrapped.

    That was a blatant lie and he knew it. Within days it became clear that 'trials' would still be going ahead. Why bother piloting something which you have no intention of introducing?

    Far from dropping the scheme, Labour is ploughing on despite the trivial matter of what the electorate thinks.

    That's because ministers are obediently implementing orders from our real
    government in Brussels. Gordon couldn't stop pay-as-you-throw taxes even if he wanted to, which he doesn't.

    He was the one who cranked up landfill taxes in his last 'green' budget to meet EU recycling targets, which is why councils are cutting back on collections in the first place.

    All is revealed in European directive 75/442/EEC on waste disposal. In answer to a parliamentary question from the Tories, ministers have been forced to admit that they are following rules laid down in an EU handbook entitled 'Variable Rate Pricing based on Pay As You Throw as a Tool of Urban Waste Management'.

    This 'toolkit' lays down the blueprint for charging every household for the amount of rubbish it generates.

    It has been produced by the Dresden University of Technology, which was commissioned by the EU under the 'Fifth European Commission Framework Programme'.

    The Eurocrats admit bin charges are a ' politically sensitive issue', and warn of 'uncertain and perhaps uncontrollable citizens' response'. But the handbook stresses 'this lack of consensus should not be allowed to intimidate us into avoiding innovation'.

    They acknowledge that higher charges, tougher rules and fortnightly collections will be unpopular and will lead to an increase in littering, fly-tipping and dumping of waste in other people's bins and recycling containers.

    To combat this, it urges the 'disciplining of citizens' by 'intensive observation of illegal waste disposal through patrol and special task forces'.

    Councils should set up a 'police department' to sift through rubbish to search for the addresses of 'offenders' in discarded mail, and issue fines of up to £400.

    All those stories about people being punished for leaving the lid of their bin open, putting out the 'wrong' kind of rubbish or dropping an old gas bill in a public litter bin can be traced back to this sinister document.

    They weren't isolated incidents, or the result of over-zealous enforcement by bloody-minded local officials - they were part of the great masterplan.

    Thought those reports of some councils installing microchips in wheelie bins was localised madness? Think again. It's all outlined in this handbook.

    The eventual aim is for every dustbin to have an 'individual identification code' using either 'transponder chips or barcodes'.

    Dustcarts will be fitted with tracking devices, which explains that story a couple of weeks ago about York City Council spending £40,000 fitting sat-nav systems to all its refuse lorries, complete with maps of the whole of Europe.

    At the time we assumed it was just the latest wheeze for wasting taxpayers' money. Now we know that it was simply York getting ahead of the curve.

    It also explains why all those people who ejected their local councillors in last year's Town Hall elections in the na've belief that they would get their weekly rubbish collections reinstated have discovered that their votes didn't make the slightest bit of difference.

    Local democracy - or democracy of any kind, come to that - has no place in Brave New Europe.

    So some Daily Wail Eurobashing but sadly just one symptom of how much power over our day to day lives has been actually handed to EU institutions.
  2. Isn't it time for UDI?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    My blue recycling bin came complete with a chip in it - which lasted all of 0.00001 seconds when confronted with a lump hammer and a short length of rebar.

  4. Despite the morons suggesting it will employ Gestapo to police illegal dumping, it'll not be effective and we will see the countryside littered with rubbish as households just dump their shite so as not to pay.

    I really do advocate penalising companies that still feel the need to produce a huge amount of packaging for items. Thats were the source is, not the end result of you or I having 42 bins full of 'packaging' from products for no reason whatsoever. The down side would be that manufacturers would probably increase the cost of items depsite there being less packaging. :roll:

    Great move Liabour/Brussels, you spinless cnuts.
  5. If there was ever a move to encourage fly-tipping this would be it. Mind you, they wouldn't notice the difference in parts of Darlington.
  6. Exactly: tax the packaging at source. Nobody really wants this stuff anyway, which is why it ends up in the bin. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't miss it.
  7. Local democracy - or democracy of any kind, come to that - has no place in Brave New Europe.

    Strange thought just popped into my red wine adled brain

    1000 year Reich, pan - european conglomerate of countries federated to a overlord in Berlin

    Just subsitute Brussels for Berlin and , bang up to date.

    Who has the most vocal presence in Brussels?

    Well it certainly isn't Gordon and his limp-necked reject lawyer politicians
  8. Far more amusing would be to hunt out the bin of a local councillor, preferably one in favour of the scheme, and read the ID tag off his bin, then reprogram the ID tags of lots of other bins to read the same as his one does.

    Then we wait, and see how long it takes for the council numpties to realise that he seems to be recycling about fifty times more than his bin can hold each fortnight, and must therefore be fined on account of the lid cannot be down, can it?
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bi-weekly collection's start here in Norn Iron in June,We already have it for the blue bin & my neighbours bin was open 2 inchish & it was'nt lifted.
    The fines here are going to be £1000!
  10. And still people ask why those who can, cannot wait to escape from the former UK.

    This sort of thing sums it all up quite nicely.
  11. I'm sure the Gubmint would love to emulate the system here in Germany:

    1 / 4 wks - Gelbe sacks - foil, plastic, tins etc
    1 / 2 wks - Paper / cardboard bins
    1 / 2 wks - Green (compostable) rubbish bins
    1 / 2 wks - Normal rubbish (non-recyclable) bins

    It works fine over here, a combination of the right mindset and a good supporting infrastructure to do all the collection / recycling - something the UK sorely lacks
  12. Chips in your blue bins?! Er what?! Mines had a few chips (and kebab) in that's for sure, but not of the computer variety... Is that so they can scan it and see who's been putting plastic in it?! What a joke
  13. With regards to the Germany post above, why don't we have the money back for bottles etc? Seems like a winner to me...
  14. Don't bin it. Return the unneccesary packaging to where you got it. The supermarket. If everyone did that then Sainsburys, Tescos et al would soon learn, and cut down on it.
  15. What's the purpose of the chip inside the bin? Is it to check that there is enough recycling waste inside by weight?
    Set some concrete in the bottom then....