Singlies & Hollyoaks

So who is your favourite Hollyoaks Dolly Bird?
For M.I.L.F it has to be Sally Hunter :):)

Or her daughter Lisa

or even them both together, Mmmmmmmmmm one minute i'll be back.

Has got to be Issy especially the episode when she was parading around in white sussies!
Fcuking none of them. Last time I was in News Bar, they gave me and my bezzer the right cold shoulder when we opined our opinions about their willingness to partake thereof. And then the door staff ejected us; rather politely, I thought, given the circumstances :D
I'm with you Sparks - Has to be Lisa Hunter. Check out Hollyoaks Let Loose for gratuitous dancing in her underwear.
I haven't managed to get to watch it yet, wonder if they plan to bring it out on dvd???

I can imagine it would take me ages to watch it, would have to keep stopping the dvd.

Mmmmmmmmm, one moment.
Cant believe you left out the Ginger one from about 2 years ago.

You know the one who married the scouser and got devorved and was also being benched by max or ob cant remember which.

Now she was a stunner hey, imagine that reversing up to your face. 8O
You mean Chloe? Do me a favour! The fat ginger she-man that lost her virginity to Max and made him use a fresh condom because he put it on wrong and she thought it might have his 'stuff on it?'


With the exception of Jodie Albert I'm gonna opt for Dale Jackson (The D.I in Hollyoaks) who now plays Amber in footballers wives.
I like Russ. He does it for me. Manly, but sensitive.
Best Television program I ever watched with the volume at Zero.

Loads of eyecandy. :wink:

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