Singlies & Disturbance allowance........

Greetings to those that are Wise & Knowledgeable in the black arts of pay & allowances.....

I'd be grateful if you could help me with the following...

A. Hello.
C. What happened to B.
B. Ahh there it is.
D. Is a singly entitled to Disturbance allowance? If so, what criteria must be met?


Those of us singlies who are lucky enouth to occupy a quater by virtue of appointment, are entitled. It seems to be linked to dwelling.
If you as a singlie own a property or a part share of one, then you can claim for it, either the full rate if owned outright or equal parts there of if shared.
You must be ordered to move (in writing), usually takes the form of a posting order or a unit move authority.

You can't be moving from single accn to single accn.

You get some bizarre formula depending on your circumstances (in qtrs or your own place, shared or sole occupancy) which ultimately awards you with substanially less than a pad - but something is better than nothing!

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