Singlies cutting through the patch

Do you think that Dutch Taxis should be allowed on camp alongside German Taxis

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  • No, Boll***s to them all and stop German taxis

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When will someone make a decision to allow Dutch Taxis access to camp.

Do we Javelin Pads have to listen to the singlies hollowing to each other as they sway past our houses on their way back to their accom chucking Pizza boxes & wheelie bins around, playing with Pads wiper blades after they have poured out of Roermond Taxis at the main gate, sometimes as late as 0600 Hrs at weekends & Friday mornings.

Please just let them get a taxi back to the block and let's have a good nights kip during our precious time off

If they had to trapse through the Rodneys patch, this matter would have only arisen the once before it was solved.
Without a doubt one of the real issues that needs addressing on Jav Bks. Every weekend (1st of the month being the worst) we Pads look outside to see Pizza boxes, car aerials, bins etc strewn across the road. Bikes are stolen because the singlies can't be arsed to walk to the block. Last year some ******** droppped his kecks and s**t in the middle of the road!!!
As previously mentioned if they had to walk through the OFQ area then this would have been resolved on Day 1!

Stn Cmd-any answers?


Why not follow Army traditions and confront them physically.

Surely a sober pad would be able to lay out a leathered singly?

Or would you rather just skrike on t'internet about it?
Hmmm! Yes, sounds like a good idea! Can't think of anything better than getting out my pit at 4 in the morning to argue with pissed up Squaddies. No i'll await a reply to my letter regarding the Dutch taxis being allowed on camp and until then i'll whinge on here a bit longer! Tara!
I agree SANman. If this is a problem lets approach the authorities and see if a firm can get clearance to come on to camp. If you go through the chain of command I am sure they can easily resolve this one. However cast your minds back to when you were single, if you had to walk an extra two miles you would take a short cut, especially after 10 lagers. At least they are not climbing the external fences!! The taxi solution is the answer!
I agree with 8IA, the taxi's are the answer. My pad is on the "stagger" route home for the singlies, and theres often a singsong on the way home in the wee hours. A few weeks back, about 15 lads came back together, and made a right racket, to go out and ask them to shut the fcuk up would be foolish. If i was single and had pads wandering around the block in the early hours making a racket i would be the first to complain - its not fair. The taxis solution is definately the way ahead.
Gents the taxi solution is the answer
I myself am in the pipe line to get my first quarter! And im also familier with the area in question! - SORRY :oops:
:roll: Wouldnt life be boring on Jav Bks withaout whinging pads. My day just isnt complete unless Ive listened to some idiot complain about singlies.
were you lot born married or have you just got very short memories! you would of thought that you would have better things to do like spend the outrageous ammount of extra cash you get.

But on a more serious note, I do agree about the taxi situation and genuinly feel sorry for those of you stinkers that have young children. However, those of you with older children need to look a little bit closer to home if you want someone to blame for snapped car ariels.
Its not always the singlies fault!!!

yeah i remember a time when the whole of Blandford was made to parade on the square until some body admited to painting the 43 outside the museum
turns out it was a SSM's sprog that did it!

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