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The last few days has opened my eyes a little and I have to say I am a tadge intrigued.

I have only 1 username because a far as I am concerned1 is all a person needs, if you can't say something from behind an anonymous user name without creating another to hide behind, in my opinion you really do have issues.

I understand that certain people like Admin & Mods would have more than 1 to allow them 'to play' as a normal user, but why on earth would people need multiple log ins? I really do find it a little sad.

So just to satisfy my morbid curiosity, I have posted a little poll :)
No you haven't. Edit- seen.

For what It's worth, I have one too but this is purely because the forum's servers would melt if I doubled the awesome.
Can't see a poll but if it was there, I'd be saying I only have one user account on here.

Ah, the poll has turned up and I've voted.