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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by baldy_breeder, May 27, 2006.

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  1. I gained a lot of experience from a meaningful exchange of ideas.

  2. I was forced into it kicking and screaming and went back as soon as possible.

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  3. I volunteered and then short-toured after 6 months.

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  4. Haha - why would I want to leave the Lightside?

  5. What me? Check fences? Never!

  1. Anyone gone from Dimside to Darkside or vice versa? What are your views on cross-polination?
  2. I am still horrified how little we know about how each other work.

    Too much is taken for granted by both sides about the other. There needs to be more dialogue around a whole range of issues.

    apart from making the collection Intelligence a more efficient process by breaking down barriers, it might just help save a few more lives here and there!!

    Ho hum, must get back to counting padlocks :wink:
  3. I totally agree, I escaped from the Darkside a few years ago and so far have found it thoroughly enjoyable barring a stint with the boss from hell. There are good and bad points from both sides, if we could only compromise and take the best of both worlds we can only benefit <removes rose-tinted spectacles>.

    I have no doubt I'll go back one day and I'm ok with that too. There are more interesting and varied jobs now in the windowless sheds.
  4. SS makes a good point. There is far too little known about each side. To gain a better understanding and thereby better co-operation, which in turn will lead to better or more "rounded analysis, there needs to be less "barriers"

    Has the single trade idea gone anyway to resolving this? In my opinion, no.

    I know of people who have come over to the lightside, had a great time and gone back because they chose too. I also know of people who have gone back kicking and screaming. I personally do not know of anybody going the other way. Backsquaded recruits re-trading does not count!

    Baldy, if I wasn't so cynical(?) I'd say you were a spy for the directorate!
  5. Never! In my current job I just keep hearing mainly negative comments about cross-pollination but my experiences have been mostly positive.

    In my opinion someone from a CS sect would do well as a Darkside analyst and would get more out of it than most CS sections. On top of that there aren't so many senior analysts left. A few experienced Lightsiders (Sgt/SSgt/WO2) would go down a treat at somewhere like Digby! (But not Cheltenham, I wouldn't wish that on anyone).
  6. I can never understand why anyone would go to lightside to dark. However, I know of 2 people that have happily gone to Brawdy for purely geographical reasons! It's in Wales - why? Back on thread, I'm content that I know exactly what the darkside do - I just never, ever, ever want to do it, unless they'll promote me for doing it! :D CR, go darkside, you've tried everything else!!!!!!!
  7. Now as a passing customer twenty years ago, my fellow dim-side analysts [​IMG]and I were impressed by the higher than average babe-count, amongst the civvy analysts in one of the modular buildings of our aquaintance, there.

    I would be saddened to hear that they had stopped recruiting from that end of the gene pool.
  8. not on your life. i do have standards, you know.
  9. Must admit.. the dark side do seem to pip the light when it comes to the quality of the chicas.. althoug combined trade means that the lightsiders get them all from the off....!
  10. And this random meaningless post stating that boobs are kinda cool gives me the illustrious 500..!

    Not like CR who has almost 2k of shite! :D
  11. you know i think someone must have deleted some of mine or something. could have sworn it said 1995 the other day. promptly forgot all about it, but now it says 1994. hmmm. something stinks in suburbia :)
  12. Maybe you shouldn't double post then! ;) But now it says 2005 so all is well.
  13. didn't realise i had double posted. thank you for rectifying my inadvertent faux-pas.

    you know, in a way, you have too much power :)
  14. Well thay do say that power corrupts... I'll be taking over the world soon from a huge cypress green hot air balloon!
  15. After all the time that has passed I cannot speak with too much authority about the quality of the work on offer, but geographically speaking, I'd take Cheltenham over Digby any day, and I really love Lincolnshire..............apart from the feckin crabs everywhere!