Single surgical screw ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by possibleparatrooper, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Dear all,

    I am an applicant for the para's/officer,

    though recently have seperated my AC joint(shoulder) at judo practice.
    I have an immediate operation soon, to correct and normal function is expected 12 weeks after surgery.

    Im correctly informed that after 12 weeks I can return to contact sports (judo,rock climbing etc). pro rugby players,ice hockey players and mma fighters have had this exact problem/procedure and have returned to elite levels, so there is no question of my full function returning (with proper rehab etc).

    though I will have one single stainless steel screw in my collar bone to encourage tendon/ligament growth, will this bar me for entry alone even if I am super-fit and super-functional???

    cheers, Im grateful for any info received,

    eager and anxious recruit!
  2. check the thread 'jsp 346' somewhere in the 'joining up - regular' forum. I'm sure that screws and plates are covered in that somewhere.
  3. cheers mate, will do
  4. Theres an excellent discription of army officer selection on the blog 'Main Board Q&A', its somewhere on the first page. As for Para selection, I've no idea.
  5. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    3.12.14. Previous fracture with internal fixation6. One year7 must have
    elapsed since the fracture/surgery in all cases. Candidates with upper limb
    fractures whose union is confirmed, without deformity, lack of tenderness over
    the area of metal work and who are asymptomatic with exercise comparable
    with military training and have full function of the joints above and below the
    injury may be graded P2; the same conditions apply for candidates with lower
    limb fractures. However, because of weight-bearing concerns, referral to
    confirm full functionality is recommended in these latter cases. If surgery has
    resulted in reconstitution of anatomy (e.g. minor or simple intra-articular
    fracture fixed with screws), the candidate may be acceptable provided he/she
    is symptom-free with activity comparable with military training for 3 months
    and has been referred for specialist assessment. However, candidates who
    have received complex surgery involving joints or internal fixation of major
    upper and lower limb joints should always be graded P88.
    3 Remodelling following fracture often takes up to 12 months
    4 Function is often restricted and requires specialist assessment.
    5 Early osteoarthritis is the norm.
    6 In general, asymptomatic metalwork does not need to be removed - M Townend, P Parker. Metalwork
    Removal in Potential Army Recruits. Evidence Based Changes to Entry Criteria. J R Army Med Corps
    2005; 151: 2-4)
    7 Remodelling following fracture often takes upto 12 months

    editted once due to fat fingers