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It already has for promotion boards, not sure when the trade training will be combined.


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Tde Trg now fully combined. No more B3 sup con/spec cses only supplier and I think the last seperate B1 cses have already sat .


First post so go easy on me if it all fcuks up.

I'm currently in an environment outside of the mainstream RLC (and have been for the last 5/6 years) so if I'm asking bone questions bear with me.

I understand that the single trade is up and running now and we'll all cease to be Sup Cons/Sup Specs on the 1st of April.

But does anyone have any information on future postings - will an ex Sup Con be posted to a Sup Spec vacancy? I've heard rumours it's already started...........

My own opinion is that you could quite easily get a Sup Con to do a Sup Spec type job, but could a Sup Spec take on the role of a Sup Con? I don't want to get into a big slanging match over which trade works harder or whatever, but I've met a fair few Sup Cons who would not be comfortable on the shop floor and would find it quite menial, and likewise some Sup Specs who would despise sitting in an office crunching numbers all day!

Hence these personnel chose their specific trades on how it appealed to them...

But now it seems MCM Div are throwing this trade choice out of the window and just lumping all of us together in a big pot. Making things simpler for them - and maybe reducing the number of desk officers? Not that I care, but would just like some intelligence on how things are evolving out there in that big bad green Army that I'll one day return to.
I think they are trying to create a single supplier trade, but how it can work is beyond me. fancy a veh spec cooking your food or for that matter achef defusing an IED - actually it might just work.............?


The supplier trade works well for the RAF, the trades should have been merged when the RLC was formed in 1993. The merger is far better for Sup Specs as it will offer more postings and better jobs, and it will be great to see some of the Sup Cons chip a nail on the shop floor!


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I think common sense will prevail for a few years.

If MCM Div doesn’t have a policy of posting former specs/cons to former spec/con posts respectively then the Tech WO will sort it upon their arrival! It may go wrong and there may end up being people doing jobs they aren’t trained nor used to doing but I have confidence that it will work.

The key thing is that there are significant opportunities for people of all former trades who are versatile. The last thing commanders will want is people who are not adaptable and thus the Sqn / Tp cannot maintain an uninterrupted service to their dependencies. I believe that the people who throw themselves into jobs they are unfamiliar with or acquire new skill sets (e.g. provisioning / ammo duties) have a genuine opportunity to get on in the next few years.

In my experience these two former trades are not wholly dissimilar and were required to have an understanding of most core issues. The suggestion that its like a VS cooking your dinner is ridiculous; you’d have to find a VS first!
You miss the point, surely there is no suggestion that all RLC Toms will be the same trade / You might be able to combine the store shed jobs but not the specialist trades.


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Outstanding said:
I think they are trying to create a single supplier trade, but how it can work is beyond me. fancy a veh spec cooking your food or for that matter achef defusing an IED - actually it might just work.............?

In the past a generalist logistician was muted, but dismissed on the grounds of difficulties in maintaining skills across the ranks and the extra costs in maintaining courses.

Then it was decided to have general logisticians for the first 4/5 years and then specialise. Again employability and currency is an issue, like it or not Ptes and LCpls can be in key posts within the Corps. Also within this scenario, no regimental posts (QM’s RP ect) could be undertaken, as it would slow their development.

Shifters, Bomb doctors and caterers were excluded from this plan. It was withdrawn in for the easier task of a trade reorganisation.

For me the next step will be contactor logistics.

Postie – Always embedded in a well defended location can remain within a base.
Driver. – Always in a protected convoy.
Stacker – Mainly in an extremely well protected rear location.
Shifters - Mainly in an extremely well protected rear location.
Pioneers – Private security/contracted/ sponsored reserve bath and laundry.
Photographer – sponsored reserve/contractor.
Caterers - sponsored reserve/contractors

It already being done in telic/Afgan and will always be cheaper and effective in a relatively stable theatre.

The Spams do it NOW, and we should not be complacent.