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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Nightrained, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Right here.

    These cold Afghan nights on stag in an ops room tend to be pretty lonely.

    I know there are loads of woman scouring this site, perhaps a bit pissed of you were taking back to camp on a friday/Saturday night? and had to bugger off the next morning? Or heaven forbid to be ousted before 7am on a work day.

    Well I'm young, fit(ish), and looking for a good pumping.

    Days have been spent carrying GPMG's and loading Barmines and cutting barmines in the blistering heat. Counting ammunition, grenades, dets... the hardness goes on.
  2. I'll give you a good pumping. :)
  3. That sounds sooo wrong.
  4. NT. I know of some good stock kicking about. Will have a word and set you up for when you return.


    Does anyone else get the feeling EM has visited NT tonight?
  5. Walk away from the Sapper Fallschirmjager or you'll be back in Colchester faster than you thought, went for a walk round the outskirts of the Glasshouse on Monday, its looking empty.
  6. You dirty queer. I bet your sheriff's badge is slacker then a cowboy belt.
  7. So let me get this straight Nightrained, you would like a good pumping from a single serving man?
    Do you want a man who is single and serving, or a man who can only cum once in a session?
    Its like Chinese whispers in here. :?
  8. They've all gone on xmas leave no doubt! :D
  9. Oh, dear, another NT moment.

    FB, I think the question is; does EM ever leave NT alone? :roll:
  10. hehe.. Ok.. I reckon we can do better for our little man in the 'Stan..

    no, no!

    Anyone else got a better line for him!?

    ps. Any SCHs... PM Nightrained direct. Mrs FB'd fekkin kill me if she saw my inbox full of offers....
  11. Have you informed the slug that NT is looking for a woman.........Im sure she will bed him in nice and gentle but Six days with her will be far worst than his six months with the Taliban.

  12. She'd eat him alive. I was hoping to wean him in on something a bit more subtle.. like Rose West...
  13. This thread turned out quite differant to what I thought.

    I've been recieving a lot off mail for "59 commando - op herrick 5" a mistake 'the sun' made in reprinting last years address out here. Anyway, I soon found out that theres alot of woman out there that want a bit of NT, perhaps minus the dagger on my sleve.

    However, they talk rubbish and I'm just getting straight to the point on here. So far the inbox is empty, however I remain patiente.
  14. Perhaps a distance learning course in GCSE English would open up a whole new horizon?

    Or the Slug.

    Beebs x
  15. Well 'beebs', I think that's some good advice. Although, I don't think grammar is amoungst the top fetishes, do you take a dictionary to bed with you? S hit, waitout, going to have to fend off some taliban closing in on my position with my GMG.