Single punch killer "ex-squaddie" found guilty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Some little bastard supposed ex-squaddie has been found guilty of killing a guy in Cardiff

    The thing is, they say this guy is an ex-soldier, but he's only 20 years old. Which means he didn't even do the minimum time in the mob! Allegedly this guy Peter Muscat had "boxed in the past", which sounds like he did boxing during basic training and probably didn't even pass out.

    I did a bit of searching and found this page which says he's a "former trainee soldier". So the BBC is out there claiming this murdering wee shite is an ex-soldier when he was only ever a recruit.

    Bunch of bastards - he wasn't even a real soldier! I might complain.
  2. Must have a good punch on him though! :)
  3. Or a fist like that Martial arts bloke in the Bruce Lee film "Enter the Dragon".
  4. You mean Jean Claude Van Damme.
  5. Wasn’t there a documentary about a story similar to this :?

    I think it was called Con-Air :wink:
  6. Or lucky.
  7. I just submitted a request on the BBC website "contact us" section, saying:

    Bunch of squaddie-hating cnuts.
  8. Complaint is due, no mention is made if the guy is a former bus-driver, chimney sweep, shop assistant, or gynaecologist, but if they've worn uniform once to cadets they become a butal killing automaton.

    If we all killed every tit that got on our wick there'd be room to spare in England, and fewe scrrotes.
  9. He must have been infantry though as support arms are all fannies and couldn't kill time. :)
  10. The bbc have a habit of it, even mentioning it in the headline like this one:

    If he had been a gas-fitter would that be in the headline or flourist? (Gasfitter drives down pedestrians, no, it would be Man drives down pedestrians).

    I don't agree with what the lad done, but the BBC imply, by the headline, that him being a soldier is central his behaviour. The only reason that 'soldier' should be in the headline if he had been 'on duty' when it happened.
  11. Yep must have been infantry, because the stupid c*nt got caught :wink:
  12. Except for the Rock Apes obviously as they got a gold stat on the SFSG spelling test. :)
  13. Well, the fact remains - regardless of occupation crime is crime - I suppose a serial killer who worked as a butcher would get a mention too!

    Just goes to show that we will always be easy target for media - who know how society picture a stereotype soldier - lock your doors and hide your families - squaddie on leave with cash in pocket at a local bar near you!
  14. Right, I'll have a large Escorial mate, ta. :D