Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jockmod69, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Having just read DSPS(A)'s usual reply to a letter regarding unaccompanied pads and the over 37 package I thought it was about time I tried to find out how many people were in the same situation as me. As a singlie, all be it in a VERY long-term relationship, over 37, and too far away from my own home to commute. I dip out on the following allowances ;

    GYH(SA) - Girlfriend lives in house during the week so no chance of a claim there.
    RILOR - House is 70 miles away from Unit so commuting is a no-no, even then I would only get to claim up to 50 miles !!!
    ACCOM CHARGES - Even though my mortgage payments and Poll tax are twice the amount a soldier of my rank pays for a grade one quarter, I still have to pay for accomodation at my Unit.
    CILOCT - Yeah try and get a refund on that !!!
    MESS CHARGES - Obviously have to pay messing charges as a Living in person.


  2. Cheers mate, but that threads just full of bitchin', will wait out for some sensible answers on this thread.
  3. Have you ever considered marriage?

    The pair of you deserve everything you are currently receiving.
    How dare you demand the taxpayer pay for your "shacking up".

    Perhaps you need the Army to recognize your character flaws by supporting your odious lifestyle instead of what they should do, which is terminate your contract.

    I have reached a new level of rage that the Army in which I had served 24 yrs,during which, I upheld its honour, respected its traditions,supported its goals, and abided by its rules.....should have recruited a dossbag as your self.

    Ps If you are both shirtlifters then the law demands that I apologize. I am sorry you c**ksuckers.
  4. that is an attempt at a bite, eccy tell me it is.
  5. Eccy,

    You calling me a bufty ya tube ? Maybe I should have said GIRLFRIEND rather than PARTNER, and that might have stopped ya from being such a narrow minded insignificant P@@s ant !!!

    Anyway back to the question Any other STRAIGHT people in the same situation ?

    Peace OUT
  6. mate...just get becomes so much easier for you & family! you can get it over and done with in about 20mins!
  7. Guys,

    I am raising a question for people to answer, if you do not find yourself in the same sitution as me, then read the thread, have a good laugh at what you perceive to be another singlie whinging, then go onto another thread and moan about the price of Married Quarters.

  8. jock...i just offered you a bit of sage advice...i was in the same situation as you until a yr me, whether you pro/against marriage...its the only way to beat the system....

    the plight of the singlie in a long-term-hetro relationship will be endless. there will be no resolution and the G1/G4 situation will not alter. sadly, the advice ,you will generally receive will be the same as mine.

    the situation for Homs was slightly different as they never had marriage as an option - hence the recognition of the CPA
  9. Cheers goon,

    Not really trying to change anything overnight matey, I know the score as I've been in this game a wee while. I was just trying to gauge the figures, so maybe I can submit a general case to the AFPRB of CGS's team vis-a-vis trying to get some sort of rebate for weekends at home and maybe refund of weekend accomodation etc.
  10. it'll never happen....whilst we now welcome gays, lesbians, transexuals et al with open arms,

    sadly unmarried couples (esp god-forbid, those with kids) are the unter-klasse and have marriage as an option as far as the senior management are concerned.

    you could try the ECHR, but don't hold yer breath!
  11. Can't go to the ECHR pal - I'm Straight White and a Protestant = no rights !!! It's nearly as difficult as having a long term relationship mit Hoose in the Army mate !!!
  12. I do sympathise with you, my other half and I have lived that way for almost 7 years now.

    However, although annoying - I can see why it must be this way. Opening up MQ's to non married couples paves the way for the system to be abused.

    To be honest, I think its a good system overall, although some kind of rebate would be welcome to bring those who live outside MQ's more in line with the benefits that pads gain.
  13. Benefits, what benefits do pads get??

    Even our disturbance allowance is going down to give the singlies some !!!
  14. Don't you think the fact pads pay around 3 thirds less for accom than singlies is a benefit?