Single Officers living out.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by napoleon_dynamite, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Am a single officer (Capt) fed up with living in the mess due to PAYD, Nig's etc. What allowances exist for those wishing to live out but aren't automatically entitled to a Pad? Appreciated that RHQ might be a more suitable forum but am hoping for some advice from those who have done similar. Much obliged.
  2. Will depend on your attitude and how senior you are as a Capt. I wished to do the same while at 22RA but was refused permission to live in the local village. There is almost zero chance of you being provided with accommodation, even if one is vacant.

    The best you can hope for is permission to rent an appartment of your own. A Wnaker of a PMC or Adjt will try and make you still pay full messing using the cr@p line "you chose to move out..."

    Good luck.
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  4. ..........and on drugs it would appear.
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    ...discuss that with my shrink.

    (sorry for my frivolity Napolean, but you could do worse than find a lass, that is unless you bat for t'other side :twisted: )
  6. You get your food and accn back, but you should still probably have to pay extra messing, as you are technically still a 'singlie'.

    Right or wrong - that's the way it is.

    And for what it's worth, subalterns should live in the Mess, else how will the 'Nigs' learn what is expected of them? ;)
  7. A couple of years in the Mess will make you appreciate real life outside. I would also suggest making do with where you are and then buying rather than renting. It hurts up front to save for the deposit, but the monthly payments are probably less than rent. The earlier you get property, the better off you are. Nothing more satisfying than doing something to your own place. Getting property is essential. If you then have to move for Service reasons, MoD will cover selling & buying costs up to 5K - not shabby to maintain a lifestyle. Or if you go overseas, rent it out & payments covered.
    If you are gagging to get out, you can apply to the DHE for a surplus quarter - if there are any where you are. Don't forget tho - if you deploy and you're renting a place, you still pay regardless.
  8. If you get the OK to live out you could always see if there are surplus quarters - the odds of a)There being any aval and b)Getting permission to occupy one, are probably worse than Ian Paisley becoming the Pope but there's no harm in trying.

    I also think that if you are allowed to live out all singlie mess subs will stop.

    But then again I may be wrong 8O
  9. No. Not any more. PAYD has devalued the value of living in the mess. Living out should just be another option, albeit one where you shouldn't expect a quarter ahead of marrieds or the newly-endorsed confused.
  10. Must disagree old boy - the Mess is where teeth are cut (and the odd eyebrow). I think it should be compulsory to spend the first two years of one's career (at least) as a LIM.
  11. The simple answer to your question is; there are no allowances available for a single officer who is provided with military accommodation but chooses not to use it. In order to stop paying Accommodation Charges you will need your Commanding Officer's permission to live out and then it will be up to you to cover your housing, food, utilities and travel to work costs. I would think the chances of a single officer getting a surplus MQ to be very slim, many ex married officers with child visitation rights are also hoping for an MQ. Also there would be stringent rules on who could live in the MQ, so you would not be allowed to install your latest squeeze for comfort purposes.

    I would be interested to hear your experiences with PAYD, I have always understood that the introduction of the scheme was what all singlies were waiting for.
  12. Cheers for the advice. As I much suspected there isn't really much scope for a pad off the Army's flick. Shame. Can't believe that as a Capt of 3 and a bit years I would still have to seek either the CO's or PMC's permission. Can understand it if a Nig was to live out but a mid-range Capt?? Have heard about Adjt/Ops being offered a pad and certainly OCs. I also know of Crabs that have lived-out as singlies. BTW Paymaster PAYD has yet to affect the Mess I am currently at but colleagues of mine are having some dreadful experiences such as having to individually declare every slice of bread and portion of butter at tea and toast! Compound this with an overall decrease in the standard of food and no provision of cooking facilities PAYD is proving to be a bit of a farce.

    On another subject has anyone found the nigs coming through are a lot more chippy than in 'my day'? No maners in the mess etc. Have encountered some who refuse to get ming-monged on their dining in! Cue harumphing and rustling of the Telegraph!
  13. What the fcuk is a nig? And you were one once too :p
  14. Have you considered your role as a living in member to advise them of the behaviour that is expected of them? Or is that someone else's problem?
  15. Is this a rhetorical question? You seem to know judging by your second sentence...