single mum help

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by clankclank, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. Fizzing, absolutely f n fizzing.
    Lurked around the site more than a few years , not posted much but realy need some help.
    In the company of a single mum. Used to be a hair dresser but jacked it a few years a go cause she was bored.
    So, life on the state.
    I opened my big mouth and said that she should get off her arse and at least try and get a job.,
    Spent the next hour or so listening to how I was wrong.

    She’s a single mum ffs, How wrong could I be picking on a single mum.

    Now, not wanting to be a see you next Tuesday but I earn 30k plus.
    So the attitude of I’m all right, fuck you jack, does apply.

    I actually give a shit.
    Have the do gooders and never state facts peeps taken over,
    Do we have a way back or are we feecked.

    Question is, should I continue to give a fuck?
  2. Brasso, do you think?
  3. My old lady raised a kid on her own, worked full time, finished an undergraduate degree with first class honours, masters and PhD (while working fulltime), all on her own with no help from anybody.

    Tell the B*tch to sort her life out.
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Blame it on not able to multi skill and just take it on the chin if you do give a sh*t ....... you think your superior or what ???
  5. Beachy Head. Jump off it. Problem solved.
  6. Have you 'done' the Solo Mum?
    Do you want to?
    Then lend a sympathetic ear to all her woes about how hard it is raising a child whilst others provide the wherewithall for her to do it.
    Once your up to your nuts wait until you get to the vinegar strokes then say softly in her ear. "Nah I think your a sponging twat, get a job." You should be able to get the cervix hitting thrust in before she realises what you've said.
    Result for all concerned. You've blown your muck and she might get up the duff again and have even more sponging time available.
  7. What he said humper and dumper
  8. Aftershave, I reckon. Could be both. What do you reckon? Eh?
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    depends why you care - are you moaning about her spending your tax payers money, or concerned for her standard of living and think she will be better placed should she work, or that her child would benefit?

    Or are you upset you didnt get any and so ranted on here?
  10. Having given it further thought, I suspect a combination of sexual frustration and petrol-sniffing.
  11. Ahhh, petrol! Didn't think of that. It's obvious now. I prefer unleaded.
  12. Poof.
  13. Sounds like you've been pussy-whipped into submission. Man up, give her the good news and whipe your c0ck off the benefit cheques before you leave.
  14. Philistine.
  15. We should bring back these....