single man rooms vs social

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. anyone else think single man rooms are a bit unsociable?

    as a red arrse i lived in a 4 man room and despite the lack of space and privacy, thought it was mega. some of the better things that happened was the amount of mingling that went on, crates of beer free flowing in a designated fridge, some solid mates and a bit of teamwork when it came to buying stuff for the room and cleaning it. also mentioning ripping the piss out of the lad in another bedspace going hell for leather on an unfortunate female. TV wars (volume) and enough space to be able to hold a half decent gathering pre-going out down town. dont get me wrong it had its bad side too.

    i know i always wanted a shag-palace (single man room) as a scrote. but knew i had to wait my turn. plus now if you bring a bird back no one will rip the shit out of you for only lasting 2 minutes or having your mates knick her clothes! which of course is all part of the fun!

    any comments on the new z type? vs 2-3-4 man rooms?

    in retrospect, i ******* love my single man room. i dont know what i was dribbling about

  2. And to reinforce your point, those who were" fortunate" to have a bunk or even a two-man room normally spent most of thier time in the singlies room anyway.This disintegration of social life within the barrack block, is good practice for a return to civvy street. Some of our neighbours, have heavilly curtained windows. Drive their tinted cars into thier garage, with automatic doors.
    Meet them in the street and they are perfect strangers, Thats progress .
  3. Easy, totally agree with you there, Z-types are just infested with hobbit-types. Miss the old Block 7 way of life, every door was open, cutting around the block, loads of sofas round the latest massive widescreen TV rip-off from the shop on camp and a constant supply of slabs. Its a shame, i miss it.

    As a red arrse!! You still are mate!! ha
  4. hahahaha! block 7 was exactly what i was referring to, what a quality set up. it only got better too, sofas in the corridor became a permanent thing, and the noticeboards in the corridoors became the "sqns most recent trip somewhere other than town photoboard", portugal for the weekend springs to mind! amongst others
    completely backed up by the seniors in charge, because it added personality and a bit of pride. the beer steal trophy cabinet even had a round of applause. despite the amount of sextoys and knickers knicked off 20 euro whores, trophys from some random local birds house or anything knicked when on the lash. they were on constant display and never raised an eyebrow! i had an awesome time there, i just hope some of the ideas caught on. "operation f**k nossies" had alot of potential.

    and im not a red arse!
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Been a while since have lived in the block, was ok being in a 4 man room, got ripped something stupid for the birds I use to bring back at 30 pigs!
  6. Ha okay, although I'm a filthy civvy now so I can't talk. Its good to see the Block 7 traditions carried on after I left. There was a period when everyone discovered the gun shop downtown and it wasnt safe to go to the showers unless you were suitably tooled up.

    Did that monstrous pile of Capri-Sonne packets outside the end of the block ever get cleared up? When i left it was nearly up to the 1st floor window.
  7. I left Block 9 of a certain camp in the fatherland a while ago with a posting back to the UK, the block was awful, all single man room, none of which were ever open, and you really spoke to anyone unless you ended up at the bogs together, and then it was the usual pleasantaries.

    Block 7 that Easy-wan talks about must've been SOP's for blocks in germany because it mirrors my old block to a tee. There was nothing like finishing work on a freitag at 1230, getting straight down to the sqn bar till about 7ish, then moving onto someones room in the block to get the night really going. We used to end up with about 15 blokes in a 3 man room, still in uniform, shitfaced and ready to go out an get busy down town. In the UK, people just piss off home straight away after work. Not that i wouldnt i guess, if you can, why not. Im a pad now so dont really have the drama. But single man rooms are ruining the social aspect of squaddie life, that was the best thing about germany.
  8. yeah pretty much SOPs :D germany being my first working unit i was well impressed when i tipped up. i was still unpacking on the friday night i arrived and some lads walked straight in and asked if i wanted to come down the corridoor to meet the they were all pissed and half naked in the end room. the rest is history.

    with reference to single man rooms i cant help thinking that we got what we asked for though. doh!
  9. When i was attached to the blue jobs for a while many years ago all the blocks were bunks, but they tried to keep us nasty army types together in same block and corridor, we still managed to socialise just used to leave our doors open and wonder in and out of bunks gobbing off etc. and when we used to have parties they would spill into the corridor but lads never used to complain unless it got too rowdy. They seemed to come back from work, then once in their bunk lock themselves in which i never understood the reason for, but have to say with all the games consoles etc. and the way the army seems to frown on sqn bars and excessive socialising can you blame things for the way they have turned out? It used to be acceptable years ago to be on the lash big time and be sporting a few bruises and black eyes on monday morning parade after fighting down town etc. CSM was more interested in the fact of who you were fighting and did you win. But not anymore probably get reported to the monkeys.
  10. Single rooms and bunks for snr lance comicals and fullscrews (And the grumpy old, now back in population ex pads) but I think you should have shared rooms for the young lads and lasses, the Z type cant be a good thing for the young kids fresh out of the factory. They need to mingle and be taken out with the others in the unit , cos if theyre quiet sorts they're going to come back and fester and go into hermit mode the moment they ditch their greens of a night time (if they actually get out of them , I know a few grotty gits who never)

    As much as I loved my privacy from time to time as a young siggy, I loved having the rooms as communal meeting places , people coming in left right and centre. Not sure I could handle stereo wars now tho, that said, my home cinema, teamed with 40watt Marshall amp and les paul are a formidable team in any block noise war :wink:
  11. I bet you loved your single room when you were getting it on with your lezzer friend.
  12. You a lezzer Scalybint? Got a G1098 Arrse? Fat and Pasty like most siggies?

    Anyhow, us lowly stabs get given the shite accomodation whenever we go on courses which tend to be at least 4 man rooms. While this seems like something out of the stone age it is beneificial as you get to know the blokes (and lasses) that you're on the course with. It also helps as some courses tend to be in small numbers (I did a course of 2 Juniors and a Stripey) so you get to mix with other courses of both Regular and TA types.

    It's just a pain when you get stuck in the room with the course grot/weirdo/snorer.
  13. Yes Im a stereo type big fat arrsed , pasty faced scaleyback dyke, live my life in birkenstocks and dungarees and look like Milly Tant in my civvies. (or combat high in winter when birkenstocks get too cold)

    I should hope you do share a room with 4 others mixed in with juniors when you go away playing soldiers STAB, after all its not the real army you're in is it? Just dress up at weekends and do the occasional tour when work will let you have the time off. A bit like cadets with live ammo! (other TA types sorry just retaliating to this bit of banter)

    Are you a stereotype sad act wannabe soldier who goes in the pub telling war dits swinging the lantern and generally boring their glass eyes to sleep?

    Snorers I can handle but weirdo's isn't that pot calling kettle? I saw your pic posted somewhere on a forum not a million miles away !

    And yeah I loved my bunk with my dykey mates, why? do you wanna watch ??? :twisted:
  14. StabTiffy2B and Ill_Fitting_Lightweights what a pair they should definatly share a room ..... they could dry hump themself between bone lamp swing sessions.

    4 man room are best and while i dont miss living in a block had some great times and made real friends unlike anything in civvy st....
  15. Not after reading this:

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