Single Malts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Not being overly blessed with money I have to try and keep my bottles of single malt below £20 (Tescos often offer £5 off a £25 bottle, nice) - so what are your favourites?

    Mine are:

    Highland Park (I like, and having visited distillery I have a special bond - I think I keep their business running - many bottles of 12 year old and my mother has a bottle of Capella)

    Glenfiddich - always a good bet. Got a bottle of toasted oak special reserve and it's very smooth

    Laphroig - fishy, peaty and strong, but for some reason I really like

    Glenmorangie; very clean and clear, but a good malt

    Talisker - powerful, good as a lunchtime malt

    Scapa - hard to find, some are very very good, some seem a bit rough

    Finally the cheapest Single Malt I found was Glen Moray (i was broke but needed whisky) - It's alright at a push and definitely better than Grouse/Bells

    What are your favourites? Spill the beans...
  2. The Oban is good.

    Chin Chin!

    (Settles down with a small Grouse - the 10 year old one, £13 from the Co-op in LochGilphead - Perfectly acceptable I would add)
  3. Well I am just sniffing the (sadly) empty bottle of Yamazaki, a very fine single malt from the Land of the Rising Sun.
    And, if I wasn’t so f*cking drunk, I would take a picture of the label for you.
    But hard cheese.

  4. Oban first class, ES.

    Try Bowmore if you like a peaty malt but not as strong as Laphroaig:

    Well solid.

    Also Bunnahabhain - more like a Speyside, than the Islay that it is.

    Mind you, pound for pound - and I can hear the incoming - I'd put malts from the emerald toilet well ahead of the Jockistanis at least at the cheaper end of the market.
  5. Is there a proper whisky that doesn't come from Scotland or the Isle surrounding???

    I wouldn't believe it if I was knocking it back like my missus' fanny batter
  6. Dalwhinnie


    Fortunatly whilst posted in Edinburgh i managed to see alot of Scotland and popped into 1 or 3 distilleries on my travels.

    Had a nip of Canandian Whiskey the other day - made Bells seem refined!
  7. Ballantines Whiskey is loverly!
  8. Laphroaig is still my favourite. Rather medicinal, some might suggest, but I think it's absolutely lovely!

    The Tesco and Asda 'own brand' single malts are both very impressive, for the cost. Both scored really highly in recent blind testings. I got the Asda Islay single malt a couple of months back and it's really good. It does my hip-flask a f***ing treat! :thumright:

  9. Open your mind

  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sainsbury's 15yo Speyside Claret Finish @ £19.99 is a good glug.

    But my favourite is The MacAllan: 10yo is good, and strangely the 12yo is
    better than the 18!!
  11. I have just been given (won to be more exact ) a bottle of Bowmore.

    I find it superb. I would rather sit here sipping a little than go upstairs and ..
    ...Oh this is not the NAAFI bar.

    A very fine malt.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    To be pedantic Ducks Crabby is actually correct. All Whisky comes from
    Scotland or the Isles. Whiskey however can come from anywhere.

    And I agree some of the Nip stuff is quite drinkable.

    Don't try the Indian versions however!!!! :)
  13. Ach, I knew that. However, surely whiskey should be whisky? I've never tried nip whiskey; I may try sometime.

    I have been wary of supermarket's own - some of the posters here seem to suggest they're worth it? Morally I wouldn't like them to get that much of my money; but it they're cheap, they are still distilling whisky in a traditional way and haven't become overly commercialised then i'm sure I can find a space in my collection..

    Oh, and often a younger whisky is fuller, smoother and yet crisper than an older malt; depends where you get it. Sometime you really are just paying for extra age on the bottle label
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    Its an island off the NW coast of Scotland, has its own dist5illery.

    Its famous as the place where they film the kids TV program Balamory! I was eyeing up a decent whisky to buy, and my nipper (3 years old at the time!) was pointing, going "Balamory! Balamory!"

    The picture on the box is of the multicoloured houses seen on the intro to the kids show!

    So, SOLD!! And it was a fantastic drop, very smooth, and more than worth the price. I've paid a lot more for single malts that were far rougher.
  15. Returning to this post having been preoccupied with curry and shooting. (I see a theme developing here!)

    Reading more about whisky has prompted me to pour another one.
    This is Famous Grouse, not a single malt but I would rate it as the best of the generally available drinking rather than sipping whiskies. Interestingly, this is a ten year old reserve that was being sold on the cheap by the Co-op in LochGilphead, Argyll. £13.69 a bottle as I recall. It is quite a different beast than the standard Grouse and well worth seeking out, especially for the price.

    I find that the problem with Single malts is that when trying to determine the merits of the various ones, one becomes desperately pi55ed and not fit to judge anything!

    Sláinte mhar