Single Male, training to be squaddie

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Drazic, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. I'm a staight 24 male, blue eyes dark hair blah blah. Im just about to try and do life for the queen. I've recently told my now ex g/f that im doing this and she didn't like. I don't see whats wrong with wanting to join the forces.

    As much as i love the banter here, one up the bum from lads don't do it and having a soft cuped brest ops sorry shoulder to lean or cry on would be great to give me that kick up the ass and pat on the back to go on.

    So drop me a PM if you fancy being physc or more
  2. Cuped brest?
  3. You not see my correction
  4. You really want me don't you?
  5. Are you looking for a tart or a victim?

    and seriously, what's a cuped brest ops?
  6. Shhhhhh, its Pete.
  7. Op Cuped Brest?
  8. Cuped Brest OP is a bit like the pink and brown but not so wooops. In this topic it's a joke. However the trick is to of acidently landed your mit on the mellon as to the head on shoulder!

    Nah got enough tarts and victims in my local village. Just to talk is good for now. Mother is no longer there.

    Plus how do you know my name! HUSH
  9. Wheres Chubb when you need her?
  10. :boogie: Classic!!

    Brest=city in France,_France

    So you want someone to help you destroy the city of Brest?
  12. If it's a practise run for Paris count me in! :wink:
  13. He's up your area Jarrod even likes Agatha Christie novels
  14. Oh there is a really nice lady who sometimes comes on arrse who sounds like she might be just your cup of tea, her user name is RearWords, you should give her a PM.
  15. Sounds like you might be in with a chance...