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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by APSED, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if single soldiers living in barracks are entitled to lockers/wardrobes in their living accommodation? If so are they entitled to one locker for their military kit only or one for civilian kit as well. Does any know where this information would be? Thanks for any help.

    Some of the guys in my unit are being moved to rooms with no lockers or only one locker and no draws/cupboards/shelving or anything else. They are being moved out of rooms with at least 2 full lockers pull overhead cupboards and shelving.
    May seem trivial to some but people need someone to hang their military kit at least, never mind their civiy kit. Also is it to much to expect somewhere to put your personal belongings securely and neatly without having to stack them on the floor or get your own furniture?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Commonly known as tough tittys. Speak to your SQMS or whoever's in charge of the block.
  3. JSP375 gives the space and contents entitlement, but beware it can be provided in a number of different ways, not always next to your bed!! :?

    It's also the basis of the new build SLA's etc. :D
  4. Trivial? I can see why there are retention problems if people get treated like that. Haven't you got any WOs in your unit?
  5. What he said. The Seniors should be taking a bit more interest in looking after the guys.

    (Available via ArmyNet - Career/Welfare/Publications)

    This is the aimed-for standard. There may well be other reasons why this scale isn't provided.

    edited to add, just to clarify:

    JSP 315 Scale 1 Para 11 says, "The scales are not an automatic entitlement...."
    Para 13 says, "Nevertheless, the scales, or parts of them, should be applied where appropriate."
  7. Crap lockers = petty thieving = bad morale = crap unit...sort it!
  8. This is basics and you need to push it up your Chain of Command with responsible reasons as you put above so its seen as a serious request and not a whinge. Use the security reasons as your main reasons.
  9. also the "good order and military discipline" argument. Tidy accommodation is efficient and clean accommodation...leads to tidy and effcient soldiers.
  10. What about washers/dryers?

    Some lads in 11 reg are having to hand wash their mil and civi kit and dry it in the drying room (could try sneaking into other blocks to wash their clothes!)

    Apparently you can tell the 11 reg guys on their camp because they're walking around in jeans like cardboard...

    There's also talk of 400 washing machines sat in a german warehouse because someone bought 400 UK-spec washing machines, that don't work in Germany - the guy in question should have been binned but probably got an MBE!
  11. Not heard of a Launderette at 11 reg then?
  12. There is no launderette (they're not at didcot)
  13. Whats so differant about UK Spec to German Spec then? apart from the plug that is which could be changed? Most electrical goods will work in the 220/240 volt range.
  14. Dalton barracks, Abingdon has had washing machines for all the block for well over a year stored in the QMs (with the exception of the 2 slam blocks) everyone has to make do with the 5 washing machines in the laundrette. (which used to close at 7pm every night)
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    At Bruggen,One of the lads bought a second hand washing machine of a married chap who got a new one,welded a lock onto it & sold keys to the lock for 20Dm.He made a small fortune.