Singing when Minging...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. I've done aw the usual Scottish songs..

    Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol)
    Donald whaurs yer troosers
    Auld Lang Syne
    Black Bear (return to barracks) A CLASSIC ye can only hum n drum to...

    But yin av been crooning along to (apart fi the rat pack) is "Ue O Mu-ite Arukuu.." by Sakamoto Kyu... Try a look on Ya Tube :D

    So what are you spackers singing along to???...

    Disny matter what it is - as long as yer pished - just gie it laldy!!!!! :clap:
  2. Are you rather lubricated Sparky?
  3. Not yet kernowpuss :D but getting there!!!

    Been singing along to Ishida Ayumi and Fuji Keiko - canny beat a sing song!!! :D
  4. You have to remember that when you've friends in Japan, they're about 8 hours or so ahead of us/you!!!

    And old lang syne in Japan is Hotogisu... canny mind the Japanese name now, but it's sang at every graduation/promotion ceremony. Same tune though....

    Thank you Aberdonian, Thomas Blake Glover :D
  5. I was listening to Bara

    and I think we raised £80 for Help Them Out

    A bit more would be nice though. He only realised I was a bird a week ago!
  6. Talking of Singing When Minging,I am reliably informed that the X Factor returns tonight.
  7. Sorry *chuckles* You got a bit mixed up there.

    What you meant was Minging Singers on the X Factor Tonight. :D
  8. I see what I did.
    Darn Sarf "minging" means ugly,whereas Up There it apparently means "drunk"
    Either way there will be those who hit every branch of the ugly tree as they fell through it,appearing on the idiot box sometime soon.
  9. the northern lights
  10. I once taught a group of Korean colleagues, "We're no' awa' tae bide awa'" while over there on a trip. They made a surprisingly good go of it, even though we were all pished as farts. Feckin funny, but I suppose you did have to be there.

    As I gaed doon tae Wilson Toon
    I met wee Geordie Scobie,
    I says "Mon, could ye go a hauf,
    He says, "Man! That's ma hobby.

    For we're no' awa' tae bide awa',
    For we're no' awa tae le'e ye,
    For we're no' awa' tae bide awa',
    We'll aye come back an' see ye.

    Imagine it sung by paralytic Korean businessmen who have difficulty difficulty pronoucing Rs and Ws anyway. Or their own names after nearly 16 hours straight drinking.

    Don't ever believe the old tale that orientals can't hold their whisky <clutches liver and winces at memory>.
  11. Pah! I have seen the Pogues live in Ireland ... I lost a shoe but survived....
  12. For some reason I can't get "Men of Harlech" out of my head today??

    Men of Harlech, march to glory,
    Victory is hov'ring o'er ye,
    Bright-eyed freedom stands before ye,
    Hear ye not her call?
    At your sloth she seems to wonder;
    Rend the sluggish bonds asunder,
    Let the war-cry's deaf'ning thunder
    Every foe appall.
    Echoes loudly waking,
    Hill and valley shaking;
    'Till the sound spreads wide around,
    The Saxon's courage breaking;
    Your foes on every side assailing,
    Forward press with heart unfailing,
    'Till invaders learn with quailing,
    Cambria ne'er can yield!

    Thou, who noble Cambria wrongest,
    Know that freedom's cause is strongest,
    Freedom's courage lasts the longest,
    Ending but with death!
    Freedom countless hosts can scatter,
    Freedom stoutest mail can shatter,
    Freedom thickest walls can batter,
    Fate is in her breath.
    See, they now are flying!
    Dead are heap'd with dying!
    Over might hath triumph'd right,
    Our land to foes denying;
    Upon their soil we never sought them,
    Love of conquest hither brought them,
    But this lesson we have taught them,
    "Cambria ne'er can yield!"
  13. Well done Mr. Deputy for drunken boat, that must've taken dedication and the liberal application of booze.

    At least that's how I do it.....

    Just starting on a shwally now, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh that's better!!!

    Tonight's song is "Blue Light of Yokohama" by Ishida Ayumi.

    At least it will be till I can listen to London's Kalling at 11pm to hear about "Picking Up The Brass" :D
  14. Seven Drunken Nights by the Dubliners, awesome tune, also the Pussycat Song by the asylum street spankers, all on you tube and great for clearing pubs rapid so you can have a good night out with your mates lol
  15. I know the first one by the Dubliners but will check out the second....

    edited to add; FFS!!!!! fnaaaarrrr....