Singers Who play Bass

Dont know if this has been done already, but can you Think of singers in bands who also played the bass.
Lemmy - Motorhead
Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy
Mark King - Level 42
Chronos - Venom
I think Jonny Buckland from Coldplay has.... I know he's not the main singer, but he has sung in the past for Coldplay
Boney2728 said:
Sid Vivious done some solo stuff.
the title of the thread is 'Singers who can play Bass', that junkie son of a smak-head could do neither,
Sid never played on most of the sex pistols tunes, they allways had a bass player behind stage playing the notes for him. he was nothing more than a stage icon. Malcom Mc just used the poor sad bast*rd as an attention getter.
Roger from "Less than Jake" not only a brilliant scales player in a thumping Ska band, but he's lead vocals and can hold a note too.
Jethro wrote;

Geddy Lee from Rush
And what a bass player. His singing isn't everyone's cup of tea but the fact that he can sing while playing such awesome bass lines puts him at the top of the premier bass division in my book. Watch 'Rush in Rio' or 'R30' concert DVDs (2002/2004) to see him and his spritely 50 something much maligned band knock spots off bands half their age (young audiences with a levelling of older hippies too). Huge sound, massive entertainment.

Roger Waters

Chris Squire (used to be better than Geddy Lee at singing and playing)

John Wetton

Greg Lake

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