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Discussion in 'Travel' started by scruff_2, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Any-one with any experiences of Singapore, e.g the cost of a beer and a meal etc.
  2. It is dirt cheap over there so you should have no worries at all. Like anywhere you can pay up if you want to but you will get excellent food ( a meal for $5) and cheap beers at any of the food markets. There are plenty of websites that will point you in the right direction - this one is as good as any:

    If the missus is coming with you then you will want a drink at Raffles one evening, it is number one on the couples' tourist trail.

    If you are traveling alone then I would recommend Orchard Towers - you will work that one out I am sure :D

    If you want anything really seedy just PM and me and I will have a word with some mates there :twisted:
  3. four floors of whores?
  4. I grew up in Singapore, Raffles is a good idea as is the four floors of whores however there is a high tranny percentage also don't forget to get plastered at brewerkz micro brewery in Clark Quay fantastic beer at pretty good prices they also do some really good burgers and steaks. Any other questions just message me.