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Have just booked my annual holiday for Oct and decided against Thailand as it is too close to the elections in November to take a chance. Decided on 3 nights in Singapore, 8 nights on the beach at Langkawi and finish with 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur. Has anyone visited any of these places recently? Advice please on what to see, do and avoid. Any hints or tips would be appreciated, George
When in KL do a side trip to the Cameron Highlands, 5000ft up in the hills, tea plantations, strawberrys, great tudor houses, nice pubs with fires and a alot of military heritage, spot the BMH. The Gap Rest House, always reminded me of Fawlty Towers, the Jungle is Neutral country, War of the running dogs, and the road the British High Commissioner was ambushed on during the emergency. Priceless and in general untouched.
On reflecton the hill station were the Gap Rest House is and the ambush took place was actually Fraser Hill another hill station closer to KL, head north and turn right at Kampong Kuala Baru (KKB) still a great place with good accommodation and golf as well. Good day trip but I would stay the night. Killer road last time, in the 80's, we had vomting kids in the car, one recently threw a taliban grenade back off a roof in Afghanistan, must have been character buliding.


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Only really one thing to do in Singers. Get yourself down to Orchard Towers via a quick site seeing visit to Bugis Street. I can personally recommend the Crazy Horse at the top floor of Orchard Towers.

The best and cheapest places to eat are the big open air markets which have loads of stalls selling various dishes and a communal seating area in the centre. Dragon boating in Clarke Quay is also pretty good fun and if you are into proper clubbing get yourself over to Zouk which is the biggest nightclub in Asia apparently.

The MRT (subway) is the best way to get around and is always on time.

Orchard Towers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bugis Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Partner just back from Singapore....recommends the Night Zoo trip. Get to go round the zoo in the dark "on safari" to see the animals that are normally asleep during the day. Says its a great trip. (on Sentosa island)

Also a visit to Sentosa Island. Take the cable car if you are feeling brave (I think its still there, I have not been for a few years myself) but you get a great view of the city.

Visit the place where the Japs surrendered and Kranji Memorial The cemetry is rather moving but well worth a visit, as are the gun batteries at Johore that proved useless in the defence of Singapore. Changi Chapel and Museum is also worth a visit. Changi was the POW camp where thousands of allied troops died.

Have dinner on the Singapore flier..there version of the London Eye..but with better views :)

Have to go to Raffles Hotel for a Singapore sling..but its not cheap!!

Jurong Bird Park is nice. Some amazing birds.

Singapore Turf Club is worth a visit for the atmosphere..thousands of chinese betting their families on a horse :)

Oh..and go and get a suit made..wont find

Have fun you lucky bugger!
Just came back from Singapore, Langkawi and Penang :) Singapore, well the Marina Bay Sands Skypark has an excellent view of Singapore. It is the highest swimming pool in the world or something like that :)

Marina Bay Sands resort opens in Singapore | Mail Online

There are some bus tours and boat tours that take you round Singapore.

The botanical gardens was very good too.

In Langkawi, check out the night markets, all the fake goods over there like rolex's for £20 and t-shirts, football strips, Oakley sunglasses for £2. Good place to go paragliding/jet skiing ect.

Haven't been to Kuala Lumpur so can't help you out there!

Have fun on your trip buddy!

EDIT: You can get Hepatitis B over in Malaysia which is why I got vaccined before I went so I recommend doing that! In some of the water in Malaysia there are jelly fish too.
Dorset George,

In Kuala Lumpur, try to visit the Petronas Towers - not that you can miss seeing them anyway as they are immense! If you stand at the base of them at night and look to their "summit" I can almost guarentee you will get vertigo. There's a large shopping centre in the first couple of floors which sell all of the latest electrical goods so it's well worth browsing.

Stay away from the touristy type bars, Hard Rock Cafe and the like as they will charge you a small fortune for beers. Instead, head for the back street noodle bars where you can buy honest but very tasty local grub and large bottles of lager for less than £3 all in.

I won't mention that all of the taxi drivers will try their damnest to hawk underage prostitutes at you. I almost wore the handguard from my bell end!
I spent a bit of time on Langkawi about a decade ago (not "recent", I know). Your basic duty-free island paradise at the time, apparently it got the job because Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (the then-President) had lived there.

They were running boat trips out to the smaller islands around the place; one group misunderstood their guide's instructions, went for a walk along an island path which they thought was a twenty-minute walk and loop back, ended up in the jungle at night in shorts/t-shirt/flip-flops... and were eventually recovered at 2am. Wouldn't have been so bad, but they were competing at 9am the next morning :twisted:

The beach at Tanjung Rhu is stunning (not that we could afford to stay there)...

If you're in any form of Club (e.g. Royal Overseas League, etc) it's well worth looking at any reciprocal arrangements. Our Regimental club had such thing with the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur - two of us wandered in, and had lunch in their rather exclusive restaurant (i.e. it's got one whole side of the central square with that damn great flagpole).
EDIT: [B said:
You can get Hepatitis B over in Malaysia which is why I got vaccined before I went so I recommend doing that! In some of the water in Malaysia there are jelly fish too.

Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware that Hep B was such a problem, will get to the docs and get sorted.
Im doing the same for october, staying in Chinatown part of KL, not really sure what its going to be like, but iv heard the majority there are fluent in English so getting about should be easy. For just over £750, return flights and hotel with insurance, i cant complain much.

I was surprised at how cheap it was, if going to KL is that, then traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore would be cheaper, aswell as beach holiday places like Phuket once the red shirt stuff is well and truely gone. Im going up a pay level soon so should help fund some good travels if the market stays the same.

I know for Hong Kong a security brief is needed, but is some sort of clearance needed to?
Check out the police musuem in KL which is a dedicated to the emergency and one of the best military musuems i have been to anywhere. Also the Jurong bird park in singapore, the night safari and the fort on sentosa Island.

Langwaki is very much a beach place, the cable car to the top of the islands is good and the whole place makes for a relaxig break. Have fun!
Both the Datai and Andaman have good beaches and cocktail bars. Not hugely child friendly (dont know if that applies or not). The boat trips out to the outlying islands (as previously posted by GB) were fantastic. Langkawis true strength is the luxurious beach time and isolation. Have a good one.
Only really one thing to do in Singers. Get yourself down to Orchard Towers via a quick site seeing visit to Bugis Street. I can personally recommend the Crazy Horse at the top floor of Orchard Towers.
Caution at the five floors of whores... rather a lot of thai ladyboys have headed south due to lack of trade here.
caveat emptor!

The one place I would highly recommend is a visit to the Battle Box.
The underground bunker where Gen Percival ran the whole farrago has now been turned into an excellent museum.

The Battle Box
Battle Box - Wiki

Changi Museum & Chapel is also well worth a visit.
Changi Museum

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