Singapore - Landslide election victory for PAP

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Singapore's ruling party won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections Saturday, signaling continuity in the city-state's trademark mix of economic success, social stability and tight political controls.

Final results showed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's People's Action Party winning 82 of 84 seats in Parliament, including 37 seats it captured automatically before the election because the opposition did not contest them.

The breakdown of seats - with two for the opposition - is unchanged from the outgoing Parliament. The result was widely expected, but the percentage of votes won by the ruling party dropped to 66.6 percent from 75.3 percent in the last election in 2001, indicating that more Singaporeans want new voices in government.

The ruling party has won every general election since Singapore became independent in 1965, bolstered by its transformation of the resource-scarce former British colony into one of Asia's richest, most stable societies.

The state's sharp limits on speech and assembly have undercut the struggling opposition, and ruling party leaders have sidelined some opponents with defamation suits that have rendered them bankrupt, making them ineligible for office.

The vote was the first electoral test of the 54-year-old Lee's popularity since the son of national founder and former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew became prime minister in 2004.

Yet another farce election. I wonder what those staying in Asia thought of the election?

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