Singapore..Ever been?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by verdi_811, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. So i've been offered a very nice job out in singapore.
    Have any of you fellow arrsers ever been.?
    Whats it really like?
    Is it as cheap as people make out ?
    From a historical side is there anything that is a ''Must see''?
    Many thanks Verdi.
  2. Singapore has one season - hot and humid, and it rains a lot.

    They've done a great job in making it a tourist desination (I wish HK would take note) but it's effectively a one-party state ruled by the Lee family. It's clean and safe, not sure what the tax regime is like.
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  3. Yeah. Had a holiday there in 1994, three days stay on the way to New Zealand. I remember it was good. I think the days of cheap goods are over. The shops are just boring malls. The markets are touristy. The days of buying or wearing a counterfeit Rolex are long gone. It's tropical so rains every day. The local population are oriental, Malay, Asian. So, the food follows suit. We didn't bother to visit Sentosa Island. It's a ferry ride for a day trip and an entrance fee to get on the island, but some people really enjoy it. We went to the Jurong Bird park, gorgeous parrots etc. We also went to the crocodile park. It was ok, but the animal handlers poke the crocs with sticks to get the crocs to react and I didn't like that.
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  4. Thanks joe.Income tax is set in stone at 7% which is a sum i will happily pay.Only The UAE was better than this for me.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    '56, '65, '68. Probably changed a bit. Good-oh while it lasted.
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  6. Been there a couple of times and got to say that of itself after two days exhausted all the "things to do".

    However good as a kicking off point for doing stuff in the region. The guys I went to see spent most of their free time elsewhere.

    General view was that if you could take the cleanliness and efficiency of Singapore and mix it with the buzz of HK it would be great.
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  7. I would suggest that your scope is very limited if you managed to do everything you wanted in a couple of days. Either that, or your wife was with you.
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  8. As a city state, you will run out of things to do (exception being the above comment of wife extant). However Malaysia and Indonesia are within easy reach, and cheap to get to for long weekends.
    Be aware of corruption, a friend of mine, then in a civi job, was politely invited by his boss come pay day to the cash machine to withdraw his 'fee'. Although he was then taken out for lunch by said boss, and was still on a fair wage.
  9. Only been there once on a stopover to Sydney years ago. All I saw was the inside of the hotel, plus a short walk outside. I saw people living in shacks next to high rise modern tower blocks. The people are mostly Malays, Indians, Chinese, plus other Asians and a few whites.
  10. Bugis Street is not what it once was!

    It was full of morbidly obese Indian hookers last time I was there and I believe it has been cleaned up properly since then.

    It's interesting to go to the Indian and Chinese quarters and have a look at the temples, restaurants and general atmosphere of the place.

    Best of all, the airport is great and you can get away for the weekend. Go to Angkor for the culture. Go to Vietnam for the 'namstalgia and go to Bangkok for, err, well, just check for an Adam's apple before you part with any cash.
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  11. Income tax may be low but the cost of living is sky high .OH and dont spit chewong gum in the street
  12. Just came back from a visit of Singapore and Thailand, its defo not what it use to be, its very clean, not to much culture of the old SE Asia cities. Tuk tuks street stalls, markets etc

    Its expense to live, defo check out the prices of apartments and cost of living. Its got a bit of small town syndrome after a few weeks you would .have visited everywhere.

    On the upside some lovely looking Totty knocking around Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, Chjimes.
  13. Was there for a night on a transit to Indonesia.saw some malls,had some expensive but excellent food at chjimes. My impression is its an expensive place to spend time in but if you've got that tax rate you'll be alright

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  14. Been there twice. Got bored twice. It's a two day city. Clean but very little to do once you've stuffed yourself stupid in the very good food courts. It's so dull that the Tourist Office have to invent monuments. That said the people are nice and it's a good hub for some very interesting parts of the world; and Changi Airport is an absolute joy unless you're a Heroin smuggler.
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  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Spent a total of about 3 months there in '04. Loved every minute of it.

    We were docked in Sembawang. Daily routine on days off was as follows:

    Wake up scran onboard, hit the Terror Club (Ex RN NAAFI complex, now taken over by the yanks). Spend the morning in the pool or playing sport. Fat BBQ lunch at the club for 5 US dollars + jug of Tiger beer for 3 US Dollars.

    Metro or cab to either Clarke Quay, Chijmes or Orchard Road. Get drunk in sports bars, make general nuisance of ourselves, big dinner at outdoor food court.

    Cab to Orchard Towers, go whoring, get tatted, buy cheap camera.

    Repeat following day.

    Check out Zook nightclub, Sentosa Island and the Zoo. Afternoon tea and a Singapore Sling at Raffles is a must.

    You lucky ****.

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