Singapore Dawnwatchers' Society

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tzus, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Fantastic, I enjoyed many a treat from the Dawnwatchers whilst deployed!
  2. A Chara, not many of them about round here, just us Glengormley Carpet Factory Dawn Watchers
  3. Pah you should have joined a real man's society -"The Diamond UpChuck Club" They had great outings to all sorts of strange places!
  4. We note from the date that you posted this on Valentine's Day. How sad, nothing better to do on Valentine's Day than browse the ARRSE forum!
  5. When you get to my age you're lucky if you actually know what day, or for that matter, what year it is!
  6. Although I recognise a few of the old and bold from my time in the Corps, the 8 Coy Det House Bungalow in Johore Bahru looks exactly the same as the Married Quarter I lived in with my father in Sungei Patani in 1960 when he was with the Gurkha Training Depot in Malaya. Only difference was, our bungalow was on the edge of a jungle latex plantation (maybe thats where I get my strange fetishes from !), where we used to play with King Cobras, and each day we kids were picked up in a 1 ton Humber cage truck with an armed Gurkha escort to take us to school.
  7. Cage truck and armed Gurkha - clearly to protect the local Malay population ...
  8. I know a Dawnwatcher who convinced a naive (if there can be such a thing) Garrison Sergeant Major (Duke of Boots if you must know) to compete with him in a raw egg eating competition. The GSM's first egg appeared to go down ok after a bit of a struggle. His action wasn't particularly fluid or expert, but it was a fair first attempt. On the other hand the Dawnwatcher was clearly a raw-egg eating veteran who expertly cracked the egg on his bottom set of teeth before pouring the contents into his mouth, extended his neck and gulping it down before declaring a loud "Aaaah". Five or six "aaaahs" later and the GSM attempted his second egg. He claimed later that he was done in by the slime of the white as he fell to his knees, began choking and then projectile vommited all over the mess. It was slightly embarassing as the Dawnwatcher was a TA LE officer.......and the GSM was a lamb to the slaughter. The Dawnwatcher's initials on a postcard, if you fancy a bit of a quiz.
  9. Yes, even then there was a valid use for XPM 2089 - those Commie CTs were definitely afraid of 7 and 8 year old kids (and latex)!
  10. Highlander Spion

    Mata2 Jock Lah; your cover is blown using the Secret Codephrase....

    PS Finest read I had in theatre; "Bill Dan Jock di-Tanah Melayu"...
  11. D W?
  12. Probably around the same time, or a little later, a certain PW was known to rise the gorge of those around him in the mess with his fondness for cockroach tartare. I don't think this was your man, however, and the Welsh LINCO Creggan of the mid 70s whose party tricks in Ebrington Bks certainly induced projectile vomiting among the rugby club drinkers there was probably too young, too.
    Mind you, maybe we're too sensitive; I once saw a lineup of 9 Para Sqn RE Sappers doing a choreographed version of the same drinking game which made the mind boggle, and that was at a wedding.
  13. I knew I'd given too many clues. Too easy!
  14. Too easy! I resent that allegation, working out the answer was purely the result of my superior analytical skills.